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August is boring in every city I’ve been to. Barcelona might be packed of crab tanned tourists and the option of going to the beach adds to the list of possible activities which can be performed in the city but friends are out on holidays, there aren’t shows and the life and rhythm in the city get slow.

I’m still accomplishing my date of Smells Like 90’s night at Psycho  R&R Club no matter what, but the attendants were less than in other occasions, even though a couple of guys told me they’d come on purpose, and my friend Veronica who is on holidays stopped by. Whenever someone tells you everything’s fine, there’s motivation.

I’m surprised in the way my sessions flow. They’re quite connected to my mood and depending on the vibes I might turn more aggressive or vibrant. Something like that happened on Thursday. Mild in the beginning, more metal afterwards, and this time songs selected were more extended in time and some of them more twisted and progressive.

Here’s the list.

As usual, Spotify does not allow me to create a complete playlist, as there are some songs missing.

Chanbara by At The Drive-In right after Aenema.

Neurotic OutsidersAngelina after The Wildhearts.

Get The Fuck Out by Skid Row, after Warrior Soul.

Pretty Please Me by Redd Kross after Skid Row.


Good morning y’all!

It’s finally Friday. For me it’s my last official day of this mini summer break though, which has been a pretty good one, even though I haven’t travelled far away or climbed any mountain or, you know, haven’t done anything super significant. I can’t complaint though. Caught up with some friends, went to Nimes for a very special show I will tell you about later, watched some movies and series, sweated like swine thanks to this disgusting humid heat and I spent last night at Psycho R&R Club bringing back the Smells Like 90’s session.


I wasn’t pretty sure whether I had my set because there are summer fests in the neighborhood with live shows and many other activities on the streets, but since at midnight everything finishes in order people can sleep, the party moved to the bar, and there I was, recovering hits from the past.

It was a very cool session, partly because I was quite relaxed in the sense that I didn’t have the pressure of working the following day, so I could stay till closing, and being the bar so packed with people, always encourages me to play louder and puts me in a party mood.

Nevertheless there was this Italian bunch of youngsters reeaaaaally drunk, who were bombing me with song requests not related to 90s which really pissed me off in the end. On one hand it’s not my fault it’s a theme night held monthly. On the other, I’m not a fuckin’ iPod or Karaoke. I’m not a pro dj either and I use CD’s for my sessions, from my personal collection, so stop questioning about it and please, do not dare to touch my CD case under your responsibility. Likely that will be the last thing you do in your miserable life, fella.  Really, I don’t have any problem if someone asks for a band politely. Sometimes I don’t have what they look for and I even apologize and offer other options. What really pisses me of is people coming to my workstation DEMANDING not a band, but a certain song. Go fuck yourselves! Aaaah! You know I cannot be so straight and say that, but I’m actually boiling inside.

From all the nonstop requests I received the best was from a guy who was looking for something emotional as he was apparently flirting with this girl and was trying to impress her. What he didn’t know was that the girl was a dyke, and second, he asked me for, you’re not going to believe this, FRANCO BATIATTO! I couldn’t stop laughing for 5 minutes. I don’t think he was even 30! WTF?

Anyway. As someone who occasionally tries to amuse people with music, my advise or loud voice wish is that, you who are having beers and enjoy, try to enjoy with what’s happening in that moment at that place. You’ll have plenty of time to play the music you like best at home with no one bothering or ruining your session. Thanks!

And this is what happened last night.

After Pretty Tied Up, Nasty Ho by Neurotic Outsiders followed. Pity it’s not available. I’m talking about their album this week. Stay tuned!


A very busy agenda has delayed the post about my monthly SMELLS LIKE 90’s session at Psycho R&R Club in Barcelona, but it’s finally here.

To be honest, even though dj’n on Thursday is not the most pleasant and compatible activity with office working hours day, the truth is that I’m feeling more comfortable playing 90’s music gradually, and it’s quite funny to recover old songs everybody had parked in the back of their minds and see their reactions. Usually a mixture of surprise and happiness. No doubt 90s music decade left a legacy which is still very present among us, but considering current times we’re living, enjoying free and easy access to tones of music thanks to internet, this sort of journey through the past is always very welcome.


Anyway, this is what happened on Thursday 13. If you follow me on Twitter, by now you’re aware I’m tweeting all the songs I’m playing with the hashtag #SmellsLike90s. Reactions from friends and followers are great and they encourage me to go on and improve, so thanks too!

As usual, there were a couple of songs not available on Spotify:

FU MANCHU – Over The Edge

REDD KROSS – Pretty Please Me


The target for last weekend was to chill out and recover from the previous one, but it was impossible. I’m not sure the reason for that, but seems that when you start doing lots of stuff or socializing much, thousands of plans knock on your door even though you’re not looking for them.

I really wanted a quiet and pleasant weekend but I ended up attending a show on Friday night and dj’n on Saturday, and I cross my heart none of these two activities were planned.

The show wasn’t a MUST go, but after a music festival you have this feeling of withdrawal and a humble and easy show works fine as a placebo to ease the longing. And of course, it was a great opportunity to meet the gig gang we usually gather for such occasions.

On Thursday I was asked to DJ at Psycho R&R Club on Saturday night, an offer I couldn’t refuse. I hadn’t had a weekend session for quite a long time and last Saturday I had more than 3 hours all by myself, which had lots of possibilities, plus one of my most beloved friends from my hometown, Juanjo, had confirmed he’d drop by, which  was an extra motivation.


It turned out to be a great night, the place was quite packed, I had lots of gintonics, danced a lot with my friend and played great stuff, or at least that’s what some people told me.

So here’s the playlist, as usual damn Spotify doesn’t feature all artists nor full discographies, but you can get a picture of the other night.


* Michael Monroe’s was actually Demolition 23’s Same Shit Different Day.

* D-Generation’s song was Sins of America, from their self titled debut album.

* After Buckcherry it was time for Drama, by L7.

* The version of Mongoose by Fu Manchu was California Crossing’s.

* Toilet Boys were played right after Danko Jones. The song chosen was Another Day in the Life, which appeared in American Pie 2 I think.


On Thursday, I dusted off the time machine and set its destination back to the 1990s, to recover some tunes and play them @ Psycho R&R Club, on my second Smells like 90’s session.

shirley manson

Many people despise this decade, the purists say it was a barren period, but I couldn’t disagree more. This decade marked my growth from a kid to a semi adult, and all my personality was developed and defined. Musically speaking those were the years I started this long journey of musical enlightenment, thus all the styles which impacted and conquered me, did it to settle forever.

I’m definitely a 90s girl, regardless of the discoveries done in the last 15 years. Grunge, stoner, Scandinavian rock, punk rock are my styles, and they’re still being appealing to me. Impossible to quit listening. Nowadays my album purchases can be classified in 90s, new album releases or completion

Thursday nights at Psycho are a good chance to recover albums I hadn’t touched in years, I try myself and follow what my mood says, and I become nostalgic.

 Last night even though the pub wasn’t packed I was quite up to dj’n, and Charly, one of the owners who love 90s, was very enthusiastic about my selection.

So here’s the playlist with almost all the songs I played. Enjoy!


– Actually song #2 was Sins of America, by D-Generation.

I Need by L7 was played right after Rid of Me.

Stoned by Redd Kross came after Traveller’s Tune.


Shoes, brick walls and frames by Kate Woods 	http://katewoodsphotography.blogspot.com

Yesterday was a very complete day, quite nonstop. I love this kind of days very much: I finished working for this company I’ve never been too much comfortable in, went to a nutritionist to receive some guidelines fitting my vegetarian condition with the aim of improving the quality of meals because I’m too chaos lately (NO diet), and finally spent 3 hours djn’ 90’s music at Psycho R&R club.

Few months ago, one of the owners, after observing the kind of stuff I’m mostly in, found remarkable my tendency towards more alternative styles, different to hard rock or proper metal, and my 90s music taste, and propose me to perform a 90s music night at his bar. I thought it was great but we never made a final agreement and the idea was left behind.

It was 2 weeks ago when I received a message asking if I was still interested and of course I accepted. Thus, starting from yesterday, I’m in charge of djn’ 90s stuff the second Thursday of every month until further notice. Ace!

Thursdays are quite unpredictable because there are many events and Friday is still a working day after all. Not many could stop by to have some drinks and have a good time, and I know some would have enjoyed the improvised selection, thus because sharing is always caring, here’s the playlist including what you could listen to at Psycho last night. Hope you like it.

***Song #7 right after 3 Colours Red’s Copper Girl was Stoned, by Redd Kross, but wasn’t available on Spotify.


I feel like telling you a short story, about my favorite joint in Barcelona, Psycho R&R Club.

Early June 2010, I was at Moog, a venue in Barcelona, about to enjoy a show of The Lizards, one of my favorite local bands, when Charly introduced me to Ricard as his associate. I didn’t have any idea about him having business, he’s not such kind of guy, thus I had to be clarified. They were opening a new rock club in a month, close to one of the hottest musical spots in town, Apolo, a two venue complex where many great gigs are scheduled and clubbing nights are a reference for hipsters, tourists and party animals. Great strategy, plus, as far as I was acquainted, being dj’s and popular in the local scene, plus rock as the main philosophy the club was to follow, success was almost guaranteed.

It felt like yesterday when I was visiting the guys at the club after The Gaslight Anthem show, the night before the grand opening, and everything was chaos. It was then when I met the third partner in crime, Gonzalo, who asked me for cigarettes and took some sips from my warm beer. We got on well right away. The situation was close to drama, so I volunteered to help them the following day after working. And I did it.

The 3-4 hours some friends spent hand to hand cleaning the whole place, assembling stools, organizing the bar, collecting garbage and having everything ready, were insane and super intense, but hey! We all made it on time, and I’m proud of being part of that. As Gonzalo was saying, we all remember it in a romantic way, but if we stop thinking about the whole situation, it was crazy.

As all the early stages of business, clubs and everything, there are many technical issues to be sorted out till you are on the run. As the time has passed, the joint has been capturing its essence, full of decoration referring to bands and films I love and grew up with, thus it’s a warming place, and I’m not talking about the nonstop problems with air conditioning system, but with the feeling of being at home among friends. Whenever I’m at Psycho I feel welcome, if you know what  I mean.

They also sorted things out regarding dj’n sessions permissions, and now they have full booked monthly program, featuring many guest dj’s and lots of styles, from punk rock to funky, soul, garage and r&b.

First time I was invited to dj on my own there were technical problems as most people play music with laptops aor vinyls. I use CD’s and one of the players didn’t work that night. Thus, my actual debut was on New Year’s Eve, for closing the night, and everything was fantastic that time. I enjoyed a second night on my own in February, which was also great, but you know, it’s great and funnier to have a partner in crime, thus, since April, Dra Feelgood and I have provided the punk rock, hard rock, stoner, 90’s and other sounds fix Psycho Rock N’ Roll club required.

It was Ricard who christened us as Las Tetis, aka The Titties, and to be honest, we fuckin’ love this business card, which everybody easily remembers…so it’s great.

It’s been one year since Psycho opened its doors, and it’s alive and kicking, being a hot spot and a point of reference in the rock scene in Barcelona, and considering the times we’re living, this city focusing on tourist and fashion bars and clubs oriented, and the “retirement” of rock n’ roll places, it’s really to be praised the efforts  and passion Charly, Ricard and Gonzalo, have put on this enterprise, I wish we can celebrate for many more years.

I’ll never be grateful enough for allowing me and Veronica to be part of their dream, making me the official guinea pig of mojitos, BEST IN TOWN, when they learned to prepare them, and being the source and play of amusement for so many crazy and unforgettable nights.

And finally, this weekend’s been celebration nonstop and Las Tetis had their time yesterday playing some tunes to warm up the night ahead. Pure fun!

We’ve been requested to create a page on Facebook where we’ll announce future events we’re involved in so, everybody is updated. I’ll let you know in case you’re interested, and you, yeah you! in case you visit Barcelona for some days, you MUST visit this place. Here’s the link to Facebook

And here is the playlist of the songs I played yesterday, short but intense, as Female Trouble and Ficus No Dj had to make us dance and sweat afterwards