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Happy holidays to y’all!

Once the few family Xmas commitments successfully finished, it’s time I start focusing on closing this 2013. I’m gonna start with the easiest part, which is the list of my 13 favorite album releases.

I reckon this year has been marked by harder sounds and styles compared to the last years. Somehow it seems that my current mood is also looking for more energy in music. Truth is that, as usual, there are many albums I haven’t listened to yet and perhaps with the passing of time the list would change, but right now these are the albums I’ve been enjoying most this strange 2013.



Rage and pure energy, Valient Himself and his guys nailed it once again with this album. Lyrics with message, so to speak, wrapped in exploding riffs and superfast speed. Very happy I could attend another of their burning shows last month.



This is the project of Scott Thomas Reeder, Kyuss former bass player, Bob Balch and Scott Reeder (the drummer) of Fu Manchu. Vocoder robotic voice melodies can prevent some people from loving this album which is a masterpiece of powerful riffs, intense bass lines and kickin’ ass drums. Respect for the veterans!


touche amore

Post-hardcore bands are not within my usual range of music, however some of them manage to step into my universe from time to time. This time was Touché Amoré, recommended by my dear friend (and mentor) Jordi, personally and through the magazine. Confessional lyrics, lots of yelling, weird writing, but with an overwhelming intensity.


last patrol

The return of Dave Wyndorf and his gang to the fields of psicodelia. I had the chance to interview the leader for Rockzone magazine and thanks to his explanations and remarks I could enjoy the album even more. As a whole, as a journey, some sort of confession of experience and release of emotions. There are great songs such as ‘Paradise’ or ‘The Duke (of Supernature)’ of ‘I Live Behind The Clouds’. A great comeback superior to their previous releases. Can’t wait to see their show in February.


neko case

This is the hardest album of the artist and the most confessional. She leaves the story telling aside and focuses on expressing what’s she’s going through, marked by the loss of important members of her family, and a state of depression she eventually underwent to for some time. it is Neko, the woman, the human being here, you can feel closer to her, identified with some of her songs. ‘Man’, ‘Nearly Midnight, Honolulu’, ‘Calling Cards’ are thrilling.



This live album is the celebration of the success achieved with their last and most solid up to date studio album A Eulogy For The Damned. The only BUT I find here is that sound doesn’t capture their performance 100%, but still it’s a good document to confirm that not only their at their best moment but also that the Brits are a live band.


american sharks

This crazy trio from Texas blew my mind with their single ‘Overdrive’ and reached my thrashy side with their debut album. Every time I have a dj session I play one of their songs. Energy and fun, sometimes they remind me of Gluecifer for some reason. Wish I can see them playing in Spain in 2014.




I feel ashamed for not having written about this wonderful album already, because it deserves a special attention and I don’t think many people are aware of this wonderful work. I couldn’t find the proper time or the mood to write about it as a week album, however I’ve been constantly listening to them when looking for a realm of peace and relax. Danny and the Champs leave the Bruce Springsteen formula so present in Hearts & Arrows and focus on more rooted sounds.



The blonde Finnish is a God of some kind. every time he releases a new album everybody’s expections end up completely fulfilled. This time I was a bit afraid of the change from Ginger Wildheart to Dregen of Backyard Babies as the main guitar and writer, but the result has been very positive, in fact Horns & Halos is superior to Dregen’s first solo album which has left me completely indifferent and not interested at all. Listening to any Monroe’s album means feeling  something inside you unsettled, which at the end of the day you realize it’s the need for partying crying for good times. I don’t understand the reckless energy of the singer, and I don’t care. I just take it as it comes and enjoy the most of it.


whales and leeches

No need to comment much about this album after what I wrote. It’s brutal and can’t stop listening to it. I really needed this badass music in my life. Exactly one month remaining for their show in Barcelona. I know it’s gonna be insane.




Ginger is a sort of Kind midas in music, but fortunately every project he starts is worth listening and the results are usually great. This time teaming up with Victoria Liedtke, he’s surprised the fans with more partying and very fresh tunes, and perhaps it’s been the key to retake and resuscitate his main son, The Wildhearts.

Hey! Hello! will open for The Wildhearts in April and I’ll be at The Electric Ballroom to tell you about it. it’s gonna be awesome, probably one of the best 2014 shows.



earth rocker

Clutch has been the greatest discovery of this year. They’ve become a complete reference and have also awaken the spirit of the fan which was a bit in stagnation. Earth Rocker came demolishing and I devoured it with devoted passion. The impact of the self titled single on my was one of the most intense I remember in the last years. It left me breathless, and when I recovered I had the full album which was an injection of energy I really needed. I also relate the album to many personal highlights this year, among others writing for Rockzone magazine and coming back to the company I had been fired from last year.



Well, after not so much thinking I’ve finally reached the conclusion that Like a Clockwork is my favorite album of the year.


It was an instant crush since the very beginning and has been settling throughout these months. When I first listened to the album I compared the experience as dating someone you idolize, therefore now I could regard my relationship with the album as a consolidated. Yeah, we’re a couple, we can flirt with others but at the end of the day it will be Like a Clockwork the one I’ll always choose.

Josh Homme has improved not only his singing but also his writing, and his evolution, very criticized by many of his fans in Kyuss, is fascinating from my point of view. Probably ‘The Vampyre of Time and Memory’ is my favorite song of the year, but I love the whole album and regard it as an indivisible unit.



It was easy to start my London Chronicles talking about my favorite joint there, but I must step forward and start digging in my mind and bring back memories and stories. There are plenty and I’m not going to follow any timeline order but will write about them as they come.

I needed an extra push to recover some inspiration and asked a couple of friends which story they’d love to read and remember first, and they’ve both agreed this chapter has to be dedicated to the evening I met Dave Wyndorf.

For those who are not acquainted with him, Mr. Wyndorf is the leader of Monster Magnet, a very cool band which has released genuine rock treasures, and he’s hell of a badass.

At that time Monster Magnet were very popular after releasing Powertrip in 1998, which blew the minds of many, and it’s a winner album. I was lucky myself for attending an amazing show of the band opening for Rob Zombie in first row. What a blast!

Now it was June 2000. To be more accurate, June the 2nd.

We had been joking around about a waiter at a pub who resembled so much we used to call him the fake Dave Wyndorf. Dark long hair, goatee, not handsome but attractive, and sharing the same outfit style, based on leather vests and trousers and cowboy/biker boots. The main difference among the real and the fake was that the first was shorter and more muscled that the impersonator.

This been first remarked, let’s focus on the story.

qotsa ticket

Like I said it was June 2000. We had been having few drinks earlier waiting for QOTSA show introducing their new album just released, Rated R. they were playing at the Underworld, a very cool club, not particularly big, with 500 people capacity.

In the middle of the show Ben came back from the bar with a pint of cider and a huge smile saying he’d been talking to Dave Wyndorf, and we all started laughing thinking he meant fake Dave Wyndorf. Joe went for another beer and returned exactly the same, remarking DAVE WYNDORF was at the bar. I started thinking my friends are trying to make fun of me or something so I’m determined to go to the bar and see who the fuck is the guy over there.

real dave wyndorf

I saw him, went straight to him and asked him if he was the real Dave Wyndorf, to what he replied he was Dave Wyndorf and asked my name right away. I said I was the real Toi, and he started laughing. After such introduction, the following question was what the hell he was doing at the Underworld in London, and he explained he was recording and mixing their next Monster Magnet album, which turned to be God Says No, and Josh and Nick had invited him to come over the show. Thus, we started a conversation which lasted about 2-3 hours, only interrupted by fans at the end of the show who wanted to take a picture with him…and me. I do not exaggerate if there are 15 pictures of me with unknown people and Dave Wyndorf. I tried not to appear, but guys thought I was his girlfriend or that night catch insisted on my posing with them. Completely surreal, yet very hilarious. And yes, he’s grabbing my waist hard in the picture.

Dave was having still water and smoked ultra light super slim fags, you know this Vogue style, the least manly cigarettes on Earth, I gotta said, and I was having Watermelon Bacardi Breezer (at that point I was sick of ale, Guinness and calimocho) and regular fags. I asked him again, and he justified saying he was recording and had to look after his voice. I remember he paid me lots of breezers and didn’t let me pay at all.

toi and wyndorf

We started a Q&A conversation I wish it had been recorded, as probably it would have turn into one of the funniest interviews ever. He told me about his girlfriend, LSD as his favorite drug over any, admitted being a drug dealer in the past, we talked about music, things he like, he also asked me lots of things about my personal life, looking really interested…

There was an aftershow party and he invited me to stay with him. I initially accepted, always being conscious I had to work the day after and should leave at som point. It was then when I was introduced to both Josh Homme and Nick Oliveri. Josh! He’s so tall and overwhelming in presence and attitude!

The final scene was something I consider one of my personal highlights ever, in many senses.

After several drinks, a great evening, a pretty cool chat, I had to go. I was knackered and had to wake up in 4-5 hours to go to the coffee shop, thus I told Dave it was time to leave and thanked him for being so cool. He hold my hand and asked me to go to his hotel. I’m laughing really loud while I write this, because I remember I didn’t expected such invitation and this was like a huge WTF moment. Plus I was drunk and just wanted to sleep. So, I again expressed my gratitude and confessed him that “Dave, if I go with you to your hotel, after so many drinks, I’m positive I will throw up, and I don’t want you to see that. But hey! Thanks!”. Wyndorf took it fine and started laughing again saying “you’re a cool girl” and kissed my forehead (I swear), and I left.

And do you know the best? I was right! I went to sleep to some friends’ living close to Camden and when I took off the bus I puked in front of a Jewish school, and was scolded by a man on the street. And you know? I felt fine for leaving on time 🙂



This is the first moment this week I’m having a coffee, relaxed, and even though I’m wasted after a exhausting week of work, I feel like writing. It’s weird because it’s afternoon, there’s still daylight and I’m more like a night writer, but perhaps the fact that I’m isolated from any external noise thanks to the headphones makes me be in the mood for this.

Subtle artificial light, my house in shades, and the recently leaked new album by QOTSA, …Like a Clockwork, right into my ears, help me to withdraw and forget about the damn containers, endless excel charts and other crap.

like a clockwork

I love experiencing the first encounters with an album which has been so long awaited. It’s like having a date with someone you feel attracted and somehow you idealize. You’re excited, exultant, yet you’re nervous and uncertain, because there’s a chance there’s something you don’t like which could ruin the whole situation.

I had a chance to listen to …Like a Clockwork last night with the headphones on too, and even though I was knackered, I did like the songs. But I admit my criteria at 1.30am is not the most objective, and the album became kind of soothing lullaby. Wonderful all the same.

Now I’m awake and ready to dissect probably the darkest QOTSA work up to date. I reckon this album is darker and harder than Lullabies to Paralyze.

I really like the evolution of Homme’s main project. QOTSA are not rookies anymore, and their current style is very unique, completely detached from those desert stoner tunes which marked their starting point 15 years ago. Homme is not the ginger kid anymore, took control of his career and kept on experimenting until he found his own thing. This is a fact that annoys those Kyuss crazy fans who can’t comprehend why he split ways with Garcia, and therefore will never accept QOTSA. With the passing of years I’ve learned that things most times happen for a reason, and if Homme decided not to go on with Kyuss he could justify if case he felt obliged to provide explanations.

Probably you’ve read this already but nowadays I like QOTSA more than Kyuss, or at least their presence is more constant. Of course Kyuss  are very important in my musical personal story, and their albums are unbeatable, but QOTSA and I are growing old together and at this time I feel completely related to their style. It’s rock, even pop, refined and classy, and keeping groove.

The campaign for promoting the album is one of the most fascinating I’ve had the pleasure to enjoy in long time. QOTSA and the British artist Boneface have joined to deliver one of the most attractive combinations of music and artwork ever. The amazing cover, likeclockworktv.com, the videos, the promo on social networks…the tenuous atmosphere created is simply brilliant and magnetic.

I really like when bands try to set some kind of ties with their fans by this constant bombing of gifts for your pleasure which will eventually conclude with the release of the album. This leak wasn’t casual.  It was a strategy, and I’m very glad about it, otherwise I’d have waited for 3 more weeks.


This is the 4th time I’m listening to …Like a Clockwork. I like it. I really like it, but it’s not an easy piece of cake. It’s like a trip to an awkward place, a bit frightening but appealing at the same time.

The opening cut Keep Your Eyes Peeled is a dark and insane blues, a risky bet. I don’t think everybody is ready to face it, and it’s a statement implying what’s to come is definitely rough. There are absolute lysergic songs such as Kalopsia, The Vampyre of Time and Memory or Like a Clockwork. There’s lots of Pink Floyd scent in there. And then direct hits such as I Sat by the Ocean, If I Had a Tail, My God is the Sun which are 100% QOTSA.

At this moment, the hidden surprise is definitely Feathered Friends. Instant crush. It’s epic, intense and overwhelming. Haven’t read much about collaborations, but apparently Trent Reznor, former QOTSA bassist Nick Oliveri, Mark Lanegan and (!!!) Elton John are present in this song.

My date has finally been a total crush and I’m now glad and excited. Now I’ll have to wait for the record to be officially released and receive it at home. Today Homme and QOTSA have made my day. Wish all were like this. I’m happy!


Just one month remaining till QOTSA new album release, … Like a Clockwork, I’m starting to get nervous. It’s taken Josh Homme 6 years to take control back of the band, leave his others projects for a while, and record an album. It’s been too long since the fans don’t received new stuff, and we are eager! Got my copy preordered.

Little by little I’m recovering the different albums of their discography, and every time I do it, I’m full of enthusiasm. Queens Of The Stone Age has become one of my favorite bands, and Josh Homme not only an object, well, figure of desire, but also one of my favorite personal rock icons, thanks to his unique voice, so criticized by many, his style playing guitar, his talent writing music, and his charisma.

This time Rated R, QOTSA’s second work, is the album of the week.

rated r

Released in June 2000, when I was still living in London, I attended a promoting show at The Underworld, actually 3 days before its release worldwide and even though it was a great night and I was introduced to Josh by -cough, cough- Dave Wyndorf, I was a bit disappointed. They didn’t sound as groovie as their previous shows, and songs were too fast.

Somehow it discouraged me from listening to this album for long time and for some time, as I’ve already explained here, I really lost my interest for the band. Just because of one show. Sometimes I don’t understand myself, really.

I remember as if it was yesterday when I decided my hissy fit had to come to an end. I went straight to the record store, didn’t feel like digging and wasting my time, so I went straight to the guy and asked him for the album. I said R, and he didn’t know what I was talking about. I said Rated R and he stared at me as if I was an imbecile. Finally I asked him for QOTSA and he reacted. This was the “blue album”. What a pro, holy shit!

I came back home and started playing it on the stereo nonstop. First impression was that it wasn’t as great as the debut album, but quickly I swallowed my words.

Rated R was the album which took them to massive success. Apology for drugs, Mark Lanegan’s first collaboration providing lead vocals on In The Fade, which is AWESOME, and backing vocals on several songs, charismatic and insane Nick Oliveri  also joining the band for the first time and becoming a very active member, both as a showman, musician and troublemaker,  and  a handful of hit songs which blew people’s minds. The cocktail couldn’t fail.


Not only QOTSA’s trademark were Homme’s killing guitar riffs and voice, which by the way he’s been polishing throughout these years adding more varied dynamics, and widening his register. The master formula,  was based on the repetition. Repetition of riffs, of drums, of backing vocals, of phrasing…of everything. Sometimes drums barely change from verse through chorus, and don’t perform “complex” rolls. With this I do not mean drums are simple, no way.

One of the most boring things a drummer has to do is to play on their own, in order to practice and improve their skills. You might ignore I used to play drums a bit. Not a skillful one, neither a crappy one. But as usual, missing people to jam with, and lack of encouragement from certain people, prevented me for attempting to go further. My story with instruments is a sad one. Never was too constant, I didn’t get my own drum kit and since all men I’ve been related to have been musicians (some of them very talented and multiplayer), I never took myself very seriously and didn’t believe in myself enough as to give it a try.

All this confession has to do with the fact that for some time I went to these rent-a-studio-per-hour places for some months one hour a week, to play drums by myself. I had these hearing protectors for workers, with my headphones inside connected to the iPod, in order to play over the music. Considering the repetition of QOTSA’s songs and the structures, I used to play the debut album and Rated R a lot, at a low level, of course, but it was definitely a good motivation. Auto Pilot and You Can’t Quit Me Baby used to blow my head. But I quit drumming eventually.

When you face R for the first time, first impression is based on the hits I was mentioning: Feel Good Hit of the Summer, The Lost Art of Keeping a Secret, and Monsters in the Parasol. It’s when you start digging beyond that when you start truly enjoying this album. If I had to choose my favorite songs probably the chosen one would be In the Fade and Auto Pilot, followed by Leg of Lamb and Better Living Through Chemistry. Still, in my opinion Rated R is not as complete as Queens of the Stone Age or Songs for the Deaf, but I love it anyway.



The first week of a year is always confusing. While most people are still in Xmas mood (in Spain we also celebrate the Epiphany on the 6 and the visit of the 3 Wise Kings to baby Jesus), I’m just sick and tired of this consumer mayhem. Determined to behave and control myself regarding partying, everybody is approaching these last days to gather and get booze. I try to be low profile on those days, and even though it’s not on purpose, I’m usually moodier and lower spirited than usual. I’m also a bit sensitive too, thus my appetite for music varies in extreme.

Lullabies to Paralyze

Thus, I started the year with Elvis and Backyard Babies (Total 13,  can be too predictable sometimes), I recovered some Steve Earle‘s stuff and listened intensely the two first albums of Mink DeVille, but the first 2013 album of the week goes to Lullabies to Paralyze.

I’m a QOTSA diehard fan, you already know that. One of my first posts related to the album of the week featured Songs for The Deaf, which took me many years to realize it’s probably their most solid work up to date.

Fans are usually divided into those who prefer the first albums, moving closer to Homme’s former band, Kyuss, and those who find the band finally found their personal style with Songs for the Deaf.

Lullabies to Paralyze is a step forward. Nick Oliveri had been fired from the band, Mark Lanegan and Homme working hand in hand delivering this dark album, and Joey Castillo on drums and the guitarist Troy Leeuwen as super active new members in the band. Great changes in short time.


Even though in general ratings Lullabies to Paralyzed is considered not as good as its predecessor, this was the album charting the highest.

As for me, this is another album designed for slow digestion. It didn’t get me crazy when it was released, however as I’ve been listening to it through all these years, I’ve been developing passion for it. it’s a great album, including amazing QOTSA’s classics, such as Little Sister, Burn The Witch, In my Head, Medication…songs to turn you on and in the mood for anything.

I love these albums which keep something unique, a treasure which cannot be compared to the rest of the track list due to its greatness. Lullabies to Paralyze has one, I Never Came. This song usually comes to my mind and evokes me different feelings. It’s sexy, decadent, sad, transmits some abandon…it’s one of my favorite QOTSA songs actually. Just for this song, this album is worth listening.


I really can’t wait to listen to Queens Of The Stone Age new album. It’s been more than 5 years since their last album release. I feel very curious about what they might deliver, even though I don’t get disappointed with anything coming from Homme. Perhaps I’m no longer objective, but after a long process and some struggle to overcome my state of denial, I must admit I love this band. We’ll see…


Hey guys! It’s been too long time since I last wrote the previous post, but you know, with the festival and a few days taking a break at my parents, haven’t been able to find a proper moment to write something readable and worth of your interest.

Hope you’re all fine and are not melting with this heat wave. I love summertime, but this has been too much. When on Sunday I read 44C in Zaragoza I shitted on my pants.

Anyway, in barely a week many cool things have happened, and I’ve attended and witnessed amazing shows at the Azkena Rock Festival 10th anniversary edition. To be honest’, I’m still in a cloud, yes, wasted too, but in a state of bliss I’ve never felt before after coming back from a festival.

Gotta admit regarding bands I took it easier than other years, I knew what I wanted to see, and didn’t feel like being under stress to swallow as many bands as possible. Not this year, I could do whatever I wanted to, without being conditioned by a partner. This has been my personal favorite Azkena, a festival of music and truly friendship, and I can’t feel happier.

As this is not a musical blog, and I’ve told you many times I’m not an encyclopedia but just a music lover, I’m not analyzing the festival in a diary split, but will recall the most outstanding moments for me, in my personal style. You can visit other serious sites in case you want a detailed summary of what occurred in Vitoria, this is my portrait.

Due to working schedules of some people, we couldn’t arrange to rent a van among 7-8 people, thus, in order some people could enjoy Thursday properly, my sweet sista Agnès offered her car t o give us a ride to Vitoria. Apart from her and myself as her copilot, Joaquin and Jordi completed the crew.

Estimated time of departure was set at 9,30 AM but we had a sour surprise. The car has been pulled to a car deposit due to be parked in a loading/unloading area…Agnès had this lapse in her mind and thought Thursday was Saturday, you know, these things happened.

Fortunately it didn’t take too long to pay the fine and get the hell out there, plus the deposit was in the best place to be, heading towards the highway.

Timing was perfect and reached Vitoria at 16h. Once there, Claudia, christened the princess of punk after the festival, joined thus, and we proceeded to check-in the hotel and get ready for the first evening, having a quick late brunch consisting on omelet, pintxos, beer and carajillos of Bailey’s with ice (yum yum!).

As we were to see the Madman, Ozzy Osbourne, I chose a t-shirt of Black Sabbath as the perfect outfit for the night, and checking the weather forecast and as per previous festivals, nights in Vitoria are as tough as in Siberia, so I took my backpack and filled it with hoodies, pullovers and scarves. You can laugh but we used all the stuff that night.

We didn’t have to queue much because I met some acquaintances from Zaragoza, Salva and Vampiro (Vampire!), and they let us join them to get it, so, we saved minimum half an hour. We got the wristband and we got it, oh yeah! That’s one of the most amazing feelings I’ve ever had, you’re IN, and from this point whatever is to come it’s gonna be fun and awesome.

Positive I’ve already told you about my blood brother, my soul brother, my toxic twin, Gonzalo, I couldn’t wait to see him the days before, so first thing I did was to give him a call and join him and the Mañoland crew. From this moment, we didn’t split much, I’ve regretted many times not having enjoyed a festival with Pamp at its fullest, and this time was the opportunity to get rid of such feeling and recover such missing time.

A cigarette, a couple of katxis of beer, everyone ready to see The Cult, we approached the stage, named Solomon Burke, by the way. The show was odd, Ian Astbury was higher than anyone at the fest, with a terrible look, reminding of Falete, fatter than usual, with long but messy hair, and those horrible MC Hammer like trousers. He kept on joking for himself and everybody was in shock wondering why the fuck he was constantly saying Bon Jovi in the middle of the songs, Mr. Piso and other freak stuff. He seemed not to care much for the show, his voice started poor but got warming up, but I’m still not sure if he wasn’t capable of rising the tone or  just didn’t feel like. I had seen The Cult in NYC in 2008 last time, and he didn’t have any problem with his voice but, who knows… The truth is that, despite the singer’s attitude of abandon, the band sounded incredible, Duffy led the whole situation with balls, and in the end, I enjoyed their show.

What can I tell about Rob Zombie? That’s not my war at all. My friend Jordi was really excited for seeing all the stage performance and scenery, apparently American show is very visual and extreme, but I couldn’t care less, I only enjoyed White Zombie’s 3 songs, because they belong to my teenage years, but apart from that, the only Mr Zombie I’m interested in has to do with his filmmaking.

Ozzy’s wasnt’t his best show, very criticized afterwards, but, in 2011, what do you expect? For me was the coolest live karaoke session, I could sing many songs with my friends out loud, drink beer, and have fun…it’s a waste of time to be analyzing about his quality of voice, his physical state and rest of stuff… Ozzy’s never been a sportsman, his claps have been ridiculous and awkward all his life, and c’mon! Think of your state when (if) you reach the 60’s… I’ll be fucked up for sure, and all things considered, he’s quite fine.

The moment many people were waiting for arrived, it was time for  Kyuss Lives! Time for nostalgia, a gig for fans. Everyone was drunk and happy, I managed to join two of the biggest Kyuss fans I know, Gonzalo, and my London mate from Sevilla, Alvaro. Basically we were singing, or better said, yelling, in absolute excitement. Truth is that I wasn’t even looking at the stage, I didn’t need to. Imagine, all the hit we wanted to listen so badly, one after another. Gotta admit I used to be a diehard fan of Kyuss, but few years ago I sorta quitted, some of their fans are too boring and annoying for me, and this sometimes happens, you end up fed up with a band just because of their fans. But you know, listening to Gardenia, Supa Scoopa and Mighty Scoop, Green Machine or One Inch Man, made me forget about that crap. Sure Josh Homme was the pillar stone missing, but the guitar player accomplished his mission. It was a great gig.

Once the shows finished these  3 rascals (Mariano, what a man!) wanted some more action and spent some time drinking and nosing what was going on at the Ben Keith Stage marquee. Useless fun at terrible low temperature, we had a good laugh though.

Friday started with one of my favorite shows at the town main square, with an Elvis impersonator named Rob Kingsley. Show started so on time as soon as I heard Thus Spoke Zarathustra, I ran as if my life was at stake to settle at the first rows. I couldn’t miss anything at all. Elvis-Kingsley offered an outstanding performance for more than one hour and a half, giving silk scarves full of sweat to girls, smiling and cheering up people all the time. I had my time. I requested Never Been to Spain, obviously wasn’t included in the set list, but the guy sang the first part just for me…that was AWESOME! Claudia and I dropped few tears with an American Trilogy…I was thinking of how ridiculous of that scene, what would happen if we were standing in front of our beloved Elvis? Guess we’d turn nuts.

Oh man! Lunch time at La Riojana was too much fun, the mañoland crew, together with Barcelona and Madrid elements, joined strength with the Locomia-Ibiza guys, Sandro and Gabi. Beers were coming and going, we had to wait for our sandwiches for almost two hours, but we didn’t care at all. We went back to the hotel for getting ready for the evening super late unable to see Blue Rodeo (in my defense, I had seen  them already in October last year).

Cheap Trick was a fine show, however, in my opinion, of course, many hits were missing, they were in perfect shape, seemed in high spirits and fans were very happy, but, although again, I’d enjoy more with more hits. Pity!

Directly, I completely ignored Bad Brains and Primus…not my cup of tea. I heard some stuff of Dirty York, and they sounded pretty fine, but dear friends, I only wanted to see QOTSA.

And they didn’t disappoint me at all. QOTSA had announced their European tour would be based on their re-issued debut album, but lately I had read Homme was sick of playing same set list every night. They forgot about this story and offered a show covering all the albums, in fact they only played Mexicola from the first. Those Songs For the Deaf themes were, OMFG! Explosive, powerful… put any adjective which means amazing or awesome and you got it. And I found the perfect mate to enjoy the show, a friend of Gonzalo’s named Chema (I love you, by the way), who is as diehard fan of the band as I am. He was the air guitarist, I pretended to be Randy Castillo (my God, what a machine!), both completely insane, shouting as if it was the last show in our lives. At this point, my voice took vacation.

Casino Flamingo became our second house at the festival area, and after the shows there were DJ’s till advanced morning. Most of the gang left, but the cake couple, Agnès and Kiko, were in party mood so we stayed there dancing till sun started shining too much. I met lots of people there, our state was not ideal for our parents’ pride, but we danced and danced…until I couldn’t stand tight. Slept completely dressed that morning…no comments. Big time though.

Saturday is a classic, we always make a reservation for eating huevos rotos (scrambled eggs with potato, usually accompanied by Spanish different kinds of sausage, I didn’t fail to my commitment as veggie, I must say, I resisted the temptation, good girl!) and other delicatessen at Taberna Clasica. I’ll tell you about this place very soon, it’s a blast! Topics of conversation are usually really freak, and this time we ended talking about bullfighting (!!!).

Although we had a relaxing time, I wanted to see The Avett Brothers. Not everyone was up to it, so I went to the festival with very few people, determined to see the guys from North Carolina. I was lucky to convince the others to move fast because the gig started earlier than scheduled, but we didn’t miss any song. I’d love them to play more Emotionalism songs, yet it was one of the top 3 shows I’ve seen this year. Full of passion and sensibility, the band transmits a huge stream of emotion and audience were very receptive and charmed. Lyrics have so much meaning, everyone was praising many verses. I and Love and You really made me cry of happiness…The Avett Brothers stole my heart and I only hope they come back soon.

Sure many people will disagree with me, but Band of Horses, despite their performance was perfect, do not transmit such feelings to me. Everything is nostalgic and beautiful, even bucolic, but they are too cold. I came to this conclusion in February, and it was confirmed last Saturday, great musicians, great performance, zero emotion.

After this show, everything to come was fine for me, but didn’t need much more to be happy, thus I spent most time with my friends, relaxed, chatting on the grass. Allman is not my style either, and we saw him quite close to the stage, but we were more focused on our stuff. Sure Setzer was great, we even danced, but you know, these friendship moments arose at that time, so basically we were declaring our love for each other during that time. The festival was over for me…

This year the festival has meant few great bands I love, some others which deserve credit, and others I directly took a pass preferring to enjoy my friends.

These 3 days in Vitoria have meant much for me, apart from my party animal mood, I’ve enjoyed everything completely different, I was tired of a festival meaning a marathon for me. I adore socializing, being surrounded by friends who have taken care of me, have fun, analyze shows not as a critic but as a devoted to music person, with people who are real, humble and human.

Just want to thank everyone who’s been sharing these amazing moments with me, it’s meant a lot, and I can only say that next year I hope we are the same, and we can repeat this glorious experience I will never forget.



As you know, apart from getting ready for last week shows, I’m in very QOTSA mood lately, really, I’m listening to all the albums very often, that’s why, I started thinking of Mark Lanegan, and consequently Screaming Trees emerged in my head.

To be honest, I had original Sweet Oblivion and a dirty copy of Dust, but thanks to Internet, I have my new copy right beside me at ridiculous cost. Love when you think of an album, check on several websites and you find it’s so cheap you cannot miss the chance to buy it.

It’s true due to money issues I still have copies of CD’s, but try to buy as many as possible, love the covers, the booklets, I’m very sentimental, I guess, MP3 or MP4 or you can name the format, are very comfortable, and I’m an Ipod user, BUT, love having my living room full of CD’s.

Anyway, yes, DUST was my fav album last week, and one of the reasons is that Lanegan’s voice totally hypnotizes me, deep, dark and kind of mysterious…I love it!

Songs are amazing, all in this low mood, almost depressive, not being super slow, they are not as heavy and stunning as others coming from other Seattle bands fighting for the podium of the scene, yet  the atmospheres created are so haunting, Screaming Trees are to be praised at the same level as Alice In Chains, Soundgarden or Pearl Jam.

Go on! Listen to All I Know, Dying Days and Sworn and Broken…then tell me what you think. Dust is a MUST.