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General strike has officially started almost two hours ago. It’s been called to protest against the new labor reform recently approved.

First of all, I have to remind you all I’m not into politics and don’t really understand economics, but agree that current situation in Spain is sadly pathetic. But I’ve been reckoning this situation for many years. When I started noticing so many people in their twenties were determined to getting involved with a 40 year mortgage for having a 60 sq. meter flat, I knew something was wrong.

Leaving  aside the parties which have been governing the country since democracy was implemented, mainly because I don’t want to take sides and don’t really feel attracted by any of them, the truth is that administration has been absolutely disastrous leading to the terrible situation we’re currently living, with approx. 5mill of unemployed citizens. What a shame!

Of course I don’t agree with the labor reform, protecting the employers by cutting workers’ rights, but doesn’t surprise me either. Social welfare Spain has been promoting for years, had to come to an end, just because the income has never been enough, and the debt created is overwhelming, thus economy is hardly to recover, and if so, it will take many years. So now tax revenue is alarmingly increasing, and they will keep such trend for long time, and probably National Health System will eventually be affected enormously, among other things.

No, I don’t agree with the situation in my country. I get terribly upset when hearing of corruption, privileges for certain people, politicians’ salaries, and can’t really comprehend why the fuck we’re still supporting the royal family. These and many other stories are what make me try hard to isolate from, let’s say, the real world, and most times I’m ignorant of many things going on. I don’t want to get upset, on a daily basis, you know?

The general strike has been called by the labor unions, supposed to defend the workers’ interests. I don’t buy it. I don’t believe in those who are apparently representing us, the same I don’t believe political parties discourses.

On the other hand, we’ve been witnessing changes, the approval of projects and laws forcing us to yield on behalf of our supposed benefits (bull-shit!), 2% tax increase started to be applied a couple of years ago and nobody manifested disagreement . Common services are constantly also rising their prices, and it’s now, in this season of general anger and indignation, when people start noticing it.

I think we should have gone to the streets to show our disagreement and dissatisfaction long time ago, but nothing has been done…till now.

Finally, I see too much pose, it’s very easy to manifest such state via FB, Twitter and other social networks. It’s quite cool to reblog, share or retweet smart and brilliant statements written by others, and yes, many of those constantly complaining about the current government, right sided, won’t be on the streets on this day of strike.

And because everybody has the choice to exercise  the right of striking, I choose going to work today. My reasons? I got many different which  I’m not gonna share here, but perhaps frustration, and the inconsistency of stopping the engine of a whole country for a day, with its serious consequences immediately following, which will affect for long time, have made me decide to switch on the alarm at 7,15AM, as every day, and move my ass to the office.

I was thinking of this painting, Quarto Stato by Giuseppe Pellizza de Volpedo, this morning, also Novecento came to mind. So much struggle for improvements we haven’t been able to keep for good, because we all are too selfish as to enjoy a lifestyle beyond our limits and possibilities (and I blame myself too), and we haven’t reacted until our privileges and comforts are in dangerous. We are unable to preserve what makes our lives better, and now we are close to bankruptcy, and cry. Not looking for approval here, and positive many of you will disagree or will think I have no idea what I’m talking about. Sure you’re right, but this is what I see nowadays.

For me, it’s not relevant whether you go on strike or not, as long as you do what you decide for yourself.