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There’s a point in your life when you have to invest in certain things, in my case I had to forget about mini stereos and focus on a decent  hi-fi system, as I’m listening music on a daily basis.

I already had a good record player and had to buy something accordingly. Some people have been involved in my happiness. On one hand a friend of mine working for a company selling this stuff, who sold me both the receptor and cd player at their cost…super cheap. On the other, the muscle, a couple of friends installed the speakers yesterday and gave me a pair of tips about where to place them to optimize sound. You know who you are, so thank you once again!

Few days ago, I started wondering which the first cd would be the first one. I knew it immediately. I love hearing powerful bass, and had in my mind one of my favorite songs. It’s not necessarily one of the essential albums in my collection, but I reckon the more I’m listening to it, the more I like it.

I’m talking about Welcome to Poppy’s by the band Fun Lovin’ Criminals, released in 2003. I would remark Too Hot, Straight Bullet and You got a Problem or This Sick World, but in general I love this album, so groovie and sexy I can’t stop moving my butt and dance. But this always happens with FLC. They’re great, you should listen to them.

I chose The 59’ Sound, by The Gaslight Anthem to go on with the trial. You know I’m totally hooked  to this album. The rhythm is catchy, I adore the lyrics, and there are certain songs absolutely brilliant. They remind me of The Replacements, early Springsteen’s stuff and Social Distortion are somehow part of their background.

We ended up listening to my favorite Jayhawks album, not the most popular for  the fans though, Rainy Day Music. Voice melodies achieved by Gary Louris and Mark Olson move me.

After spending almost two months listening to music by the computer speakers, being able to hear it louder is a bless, and such pleasure is difficult to describe, if only someday you’re deprived of music played properly, you will understand what I’m talking about.

It was a great evening definitely and I’m pretty sure there are many to come. You’re more than welcome.