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researching the blues

Exception would be a very suitable word for Redd Kross, for several reasons.

On one hand because McDonald brothers and Co. are one of the few bands capable of remaining “dormant” for really long periods of time, and still attract people and media every time they decide to tour or release a new album after 15 years. 15 years!  With such amount of information and access to music, in the era of shot living bands and fast music comsumption, most of the bands are constantly touring and releasing albums to keep on track, Redd Kross come and go, have different projects and take it easy, as if this fast rhythm which surround all of us, didn’t affect them at all.

On the other hand, and this is a personal reason, because Redd Kross are one of the few bands whose Beatles style I can stand and enjoy. You know even though I have a couple of albums I’ve never liked The Beatles too much, however, I find their style in voice melodies present in some bands very appealing.

I discovered Redd Kross back in 1994 when they played in Madrid opening for Stone Temple Pilots. Both shows were impressive but most of the audience agreed Redd Kross were sublime, and the set offered, superior to the heading band. That was Phaseshifter era, if I’m not wrong.

The news of an album coming up this year was quickly spread and great received by both rock and power pop fans. We’ve been witnessing many comebacks lately, with better and worse results, but considering their sound had been always so energetic and fresh, some of us were a bit concerned, fearing a possible disappointment. Fortunately after the first listening I sighed in relief as it was terrific.

Researching The Blues keeps intact the essence of the band, as if these 15 years had never existed, with 3 demolishing hits opening and working as a declaration of principles confirming they’re back in perfect shape, to settle  and recover those genuine melodies as in Meet Frankenstein or Winter Blues. Its 30 minute length always makes me play this album at least 2-3 times in a row.

Sad news is that the band will hit and play in Barcelona next week, however I won’t be able to see them for they’re part of a festival and day tickets are not valid for their show. Guess they’ll visit us back next year as Redd Kross have always been warm welcome by the audiences.

Straight to 2012 top 10 releases, let’s hope it doesn’t take another 15 years for the next album. Very well done, guys!