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Wake up! It’s time to play!

I guess you already know one of my favorite topics of discussion has to do with the Guns N’ Roses universe. It’s been long time since I don’t write about this band, but events and confirmations need to be commented. At least I need to talk about them.


Three years ago GN’R were inducted into the Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame. Many fans thought this would be the right opportunity for the band to leave all the arguments and bad blood behind, and perhaps, to have a fresh start and start considering a reunion. However Mighty Axl, Mr One in a million, decided not to get involved in that circus, thus he didn’t attend the celebration, and rejected it, becoming a weird event with former members of a band they weren’t part of anymore, while the singer and his new line up continued performing as Guns N’ Roses supporting Chinese Democracy. Personally speaking, my feelings were very contradictory, as on one hand I stood by Axl’s decision, cheering up the fact that he was stubborn yet honest to his beliefs, and not yielding to the pressure of this title, but on the other hand assuming that after his rejection, a reunion would never take place. And to be honest, I didn’t feel the need to encourage such reunion anymore, as it would be just a matter of money, a business, but not a true one. You can call me romantic, ‘cause I am.

In 2015 rumors started to spread on social networks, and the gossip was alive again. A reunion seemed to become a reality, with Slash and Duff willing to go ahead, but as usual, you couldn’t take anything for granted until Axl would open his mouth.

What’s been fascinating during these months it’s the fact that established music magazines were taking these rumors as actual news, and lots of information was decontextualized and twisted as to sell this comeback. For instance, some musicians just expressed their excitement on the possibility of this reunion, but their statements were manipulated as to confirm it was going real.

2016 arrived with the scheduled interview to Axl Rose by Jimmy Kimmel on TV. Expectations had risen to the moon, and everybody was super enthusiastic about him confirming this reunion through a camera. But again, 24h before the show, Axl Rose name was removed from the site, getting thousands of fans disappointed.

All of a sudden, Coachella festival confirmed Guns N’ Roses headlining the festival to take place in April, Slash and Duff were posting a terrible Photoshop poster with the band classic logo with the festival background, and eventually, after making jokes confirming his love for Taco Bell, Axl spoke through this tweet.

gnr coachella

Holy shit! It’s showtime!

Being aware of Axl’s tricked mind, how much time did it take him to post that tweet? What can be inferred from it? Tell me it’s not wonderful, like a modern cypher. Any single emoticon can have different readings, and his patronizing tone is absolutely nasty, as if he was doing us all a favor joining the reunion. Wonderful!

Axl tweet

At this point many of you might think I’m as nuts as Axl is, the truth is that I’m still skeptical. Too much time till Coachella becomes a reality, too much tension in the air, I reckon this reunion is on the verge, and it can explode at any time, no matter the strict and multimillionaire contracts signed up. Axl is unpredictable, still keeps part of his current band colleagues on the payroll, Adler, Sorum and Stradlin are not officially part of the team, and Slash’s IG posts are simply brilliant, as if trying to break Axl’s balls a bit in a subtle manner.

Like I said, I don’t need this reunion, and I’m not the only one on this. When I raised the subject on an interview to Michael Monroe, he was clear: “that’s not a real reunion, it’s not honest, the band members are incapable of putting all the shit behind, and most likely it would not have a happy ending”.

Truth is that if there was a chance, I’d move mountains to attend a show. Too attractive to be missed.

Rumors are spread on a daily basis, the craziest fans, me included, are looking for plots and new theories, with every picture, every tweet, every statement pronounced by someone close, or close enough to be a reliable source, is analyzed and commented.

Which band can create this halo of excitement? Who can turn the world upside down and get all the attention from fans and media just clapping their hands? Guns N’ Fuckin’ Roses, the ultimate rock band.

Whatever happens in the next months is worth following. So friends, get the popcorn into the microwave, because the show has just started. Have fun!


Not many things can turn me on in the way I am right now, but the announcement of a UK tour of The Wildhearts with Hey! Hello! as the supporting band has just turn me temporally demented. The news has been a pure Caffeine Bomb. I’m totally excited.

twitter ginger

There were late rumors coming from the band members themselves about a possible new album next year. Ginger declared he was a bit tired of solo projects and wanted The Wildhearts to work together again, and CJ also expressed his wish of recording a new album soon. I’ve always knows this was gonna happen eventually, as after near 10 years following the British band, one can read between lines and realize that Ginger is not only a mood swinging guy but also so intense and active that he needs to change things from time to time to avoid frustration and boredom. It he was a decorator, probably he’d be involved in projects all the time, would enjoy all the pre-project and the execution, but once finished, he’d feel the need to change everything again. This is Ginger. He’s been working on several albums, crowdfunding supported by the fans, Hey! Hello! has been a blast, and it was closer to a band as Victoria Liedtke was his other half, but at the end of the day this guy loves his band, and needs his mates by his side.

the wildhearts

Needless to say my mind is working like a rocket thinking about where to go. My travelling mate is out of question: Jaume must come with me or I’ll kick his balls. He was the one who recorded me that Best Of CD 10 years ago, and he’s the one to blame for me thinking of another flash trip.

In case you’re interested in living a Wildhearts experience here are the tour dates:

Tue 8th April Wolverhampton, Wulfrun Hall
Wed 9th April Bristol, Academy 1
Thu 10th April Manchester, Academy 1
Sat 12th April Nottingham Rock City
Sun 13th April Newcastle, Academy 1
Mon 14th April Glasgow, ABC
Wed 16th April Cambridge, Junction
Thu 17th April London, Electric Ballroom

Drop me a line if you wanna meet me somewhere. Tickets will be available on Friday (and I’m sure shows will be sold out that very same day).



Sorry for posting two albums of the week so close, but as you can see, we’re running out of time, 2011 is coming to an end and I was late. I’m trying to do things in the best way. but sometimes it’s just impossible 🙂

At this time there’s no need to repeat Guns n’ Roses are, or were, the last BIG BAND on Earth, correct? I might be too repetitive when dealing with my favorite band, thus I’ll just leave it here, as a reminder.

Truth is GN’R is a never ending source of entertainment and gossip too, based on rumors, arguments, projects, events… you name it! And once again, at the end of 2011, 20 years after the release of Use Your Illusions, they are still HOT!

This time the possibility of being included in The Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame, due to the 25th anniversary of their master work, Appetite for Destruction, in 2012, is bringing out excitement and hysteria among their fans. Bets have started again, and everybody is getting crazy when thinking of a reunion. Will they join once and for all and tour for the last time together? Will Axl and Slash put an end to their differences or they will was their dirty laundry publicly? Who would be the official drummer, Junkie Adler or Machine Sorum? What will be the role of Stradlin? And Duff’s?

And more important, or at least a funnier past time, what would you do in case tour dates were announced? I’d do ANYTHING, believe me.

Being such kind of thoughts and news so present in my mind, all of a sudden I saw myself listening to Chinese Democracy nonstop last week.

I know, I know, it’s not to be considered a proper GN’R album, not featuring Axl’s former bandmates, away from the typical hard rock sound and style the most dangerous band in the world used to spit to the world.

Why didn’t I choose The Illusions or AFD itself? Ah, great question I can only you answer with possible theories.

I waited for Chinese Democracy patiently for many many years, and despite all the shit Mighty Axl did, I was loyal and hopeful, the album would eventually see the light… and it did. I’m still waiting for GN’R original lineup to come back in the same manner, I’ve defended and supported this reunion and many people have laughed at me. I even played bets which unfortunately, due to current situation, won’t be repaid in case something happens (or does not happen) in 2012. And I, and my friend Jaume, agreed 2012 would be THE year.

Thus, probably remembering such an agitated past state, and reconfirming that, I still love this album, regardless, I played Chinese Democracy nonstop last week.

Funniest thing is that I met a friend living the same situation, an Axlist, insanely obsessed about the band and its crazy leader, who couldn’t get GN’R out of his head, and was listening to this experiment very often lately.

You see? Talking about Guns n’ Roses is a great subject of conversation, and an inspiration for writing. If only Axl, Duff and Izzy knew…

Chinese Democracy is absolutely insane in term of production. Layers and layers of details are put together trying to fulfill Axl’s obsessive search of perfection. Try to play the album at 11 on your stereo, and you won’t be able to find any distortion nor lack of quality. It’s unbelievable.

Some of the songs have been into process for 15 years, and during that time, they’ve been evolving and constantly changing, as if they were growing creatures. Even musicians have been changing and what initially was recorded by Buckethead, ended up been played by Bumblefoot. As you can imagine, freshness is a concept not applicable here.

You might like it or not, this is a yes/no album, which didn’t leave anyone who listened to it indifferent. You love it or hate it. Period. I will support it till the end of my days, but I’m not objective at all. Axl could sing carols, and I’d still love him, thus my opinion is not very reliable, I’m honest.

What I will never get to understand is, being an album counting with some hit, such as TWAT, Prostitute, Better or IRS, why this bastard never released any supporting video. What kind of promo is that? You don’t believe in your product? Are you angry with the system? What the hell goes inside your head, Axl? Aaaaaah, you’re one in a million!