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World is falling apart, full of vulgarity, mean attitude, shameful events, and tension and anger in the air. Time Out! We need some high class and elegance in our lives otherwise we’re gonna turn crazy sooner than supposed. Chill out, prepare and serve yourself  a cocktail, better if in good companion, and feel the glamour through your veins.

Having such thought immediately brings the series Mad Men back to my memory. Those memories of the good ol’ times we, for obvious reasons, didn’t live. It’s funny because I’d be so outta line if living in that era…

All this aesthetics and love for glamour and high class, need to be accompanied by a good soundtrack. We need crooners. From time to time we need elegant stuff, orchestrations, love songs in the shape of ballads and this take-it-easy philosophy so typical in the 50-60’s, and not only classic interpreters, but also new proposals, are welcome.

And here is where Richard Hawley starts the game.  You can’t be sure of anything in this life. This guy was member of Pulp, a band which used to get on my nerves for long time. Perhaps now that I’m more open minded, I could listen to that Brit Pop stuff, but for the moment I’m more interested in Hawley’s solo career.

You know for 5 years or even more, I had access to a huge collection of CDs. Once I started my own way, my CD collection was considerably reduced, although it’s not to be undermined nor despised at all. Well, minimum two years had passed since I listened to this wonderful Lady’s Bridge album for the last time. I had thought to purchase it back in the day, but the list of MUST HAVE’s was hugely increased, and I completely forgot about Richard Hawley, until 10 days ago, that I took day off, and went to this mega store, FNAC, and saw the CD waiting for me, and I didn’t have any doubts, this time it had to be mine.

Lady’s Bridge consists of 11 tracks talking about past love and broken hearts (what’s the point of being a crooner if you don’t sing about love?), with amazing orchestral arrangements, beautiful lyrics, and Hawley’s old school brilliant voice, a bit dark yet very charming. This combination is simply delicious. Valentine, Serious, Tonight the Streets Are Us, Lady Solitude… the first half of this album is just pure magic.

Many coincidences are happening lately related to music, or my recent choices and experiences. This time, I bought the CD, got enthusiastic, and someone told me Hawley is performing  in Barcelona apparently for free, as part of the open air shows organized by Primavera Sound Festival 2012. Those who live in Barcelona, don’t be silly, don’t miss the chance to dance close to someone with Hawley on stage.