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My 2012 target is to get a piece by Miss Arianna. As soon as I can afford it, will visit her at her own studio, Skinwear Tattoo Shop, in Rimini (Italy).

I discovered her work via Tumblr half year ago, and really got me impressed.

The color treatment is awesome. The palette is really intense and bold.

The tattoo concept is quite unique. You can see many owls, daggers, women, and vessels, in others’ designs, but she’s really creative, focused of details and very precise, turning her pieces into something very different.

Many people have taken her as a reference regarding the Traditional style, I might not be so acquainted and expert in this world, but since I saw the results, I immediately had a crush.

This is my personal favorite.

You can check her portfolio here, and if interested, could join me on my flash trip to Rimini, let’s hope it doesn’t take too long.

Once this said, I feel like telling you about some future ideas or projects I got in mind.

You know the meaning of my other tattoos, already explained, which have to do with Japan symbols, the dichotomy of good-bad experiences in life, and the lion protector.

Well, changing not only style, but also ideas, and once I’ve overcome a rough period of time, I’m seeing the future in a very positive way. Many things are to happen, lots of stuff to enlighten my life, generally speaking, I got a life ahead.

Time and future are becoming now, something important for me. Everything is unknown and my future unwritten. Sure plenty of good things may occur, all the same with awful experiences (hope not many). I need to stay strong and follow the right path, on one hand, and feel curious at the same time.

You might think I’m too standard or whatever, but this is how I feel now as to reflec t it on my skin.

I’m passionate about lighthouses, they are firm, strong, no matter the trouble, nor the obstacles, they’re standing by the shore, with the task of showing the right path, the end of the voyage, to those at the mercy of the powerful sea. I need a guiding light.

The future, again, is unwritten. You cannot believe much in magic nor predictions, at least I don’t. However, the old concept of the gipsy seeing your future through a crystal ball, is very attractive. What will happen? Will everything be alright?

Another idea that gets me a bit crazy and obsessed is the passing of time. I’ve always been pretty scared of death, to be more specific, it’s hard to conceive the end of my consciousness. I’m one of these all time thinkers, I have dreams and remember part of many quite often, I cannot believe eventually that won’t happen, and my mental self, my inner self, won’t work for itself any longer. Thus, now that I’m 35, and likely to live more or less the same, I think you have to make your lifetime profitable, and don’t get stuck, as I’ve already done for many years, to something or someone worthless. Don’t extend much longer, I love the concept of the hourglass, you can see, how much time is gone, and how much remains.