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Farewell, duke

Hi there! To be hones I’d have preferred to write my first post of the year sending a positive message, or talking about good things or great shows experienced last year, but you know how this goes. Xmas is always the worst timing for writing, habits and routines are interrupted for a while and I’m lazy as fuck lately, I cannot lie. I hate finishing 2015 and starting 201 saying farewell to deceased personalities, but in both cases I think my words might work as a humble tribute to them.


I woke up this morning and visited Twitter to check on the Golden Globe awards. Not that I’m a huge fan of them, but it’s always interesting to have references to go to the cinema from time to time. Instead, I found a disturbing post from David Bowie’s official account confirming he had passed away after 18 months struggling against cancer. I didn’t have the slightest idea, being aware of his weak physical condition though. Fuck! Last Friday it was his 69 anniversary, and he had released his last studio album that same day. The news was so shocking, and so sudden, people didn’t want to believe, thus the 20 minutes after the statement have been too confusing, with people warning his social networks accounts had been hacked, and this was a hoax. Unfortunately his son, Duncan Jones, wrote a tweet confirming the sad news, together with a beautiful picture of his dad with him when he was a kid.

Bowie was an icon, and he’ll be, no doubt about it. An icon who’s been around all my life. I cannot say I’m a super huge fan, because I didn’t get the chance to dig into his discography, except for 2-3 albums I really like, but always felt fascinated by his personality, style, and of course, his attitude and way of life. I got the chance to attend a couple of his shows in 1996 and 1997, and really, he was magnificent. I was still hoping to see him again on stage, and it’s sad to know that won’t gonna happen.

What comes next? The terrible thought of many heroes on the verge because the passing of time is inevitable. And it’s frightening, for it also means I’m growing old, and eventually I’ll have to pay my ticket as well. Life, friends. When we were kids nobody warned us it was going to be a day a day struggle, as it actually is, thus enjoy as much as possible, because, as Bill Hicks said once, this is just a ride.


On this day, all rock lovers should spend some time tributing The King. To be honest, except for #MyElvisWeek playing videos and listening to some of his wonderful tunes I hadn’t planned anything to write about here, been too busy at work and yesterday I was facing a quite curious hangover which only allowed me to watch movies. This evening though, I’ve been listening to On Stage and some of the CDs which belong to Elvis Live in Las Vegas, and now I’m ready to review the documentary Elvis By The Presleys.

 I don’t like Cilla acting as her widow. Their marriage wasn’t a happy one, and even though apparently they separated in a very civilized way, I don’t think of her as her truly widow. Of course, being the missus of Elvis wasn’t an easy task, especially thinking of his taste in women, his mood swings, his inseparable entourage, the substance abuse and his period in Hollywood doing movies, among many things, but just because she finally gave up on him, she shouldn’t act as the loving widow. But you know, leaving the obvious feelings behind, money talks…and at the end of the day, people like to think of the female figure always by his side.

Thus even though I’m not a huge fan of the documentary, always under the influence of Priscilla’s, the wonderful footage of home made videos, and other scenes are worth watching today.

elvis thinking

This is something I wanted to share with you. Few weeks ago I got overwhelmed by this shot. Elvis, so intense, thoughtful and deep and manly. He’s irresistible! No need to add this shot has become one of my personal favorite.

Wherever he is, I only hope he’s enjoying his way. Gone but never forgotten. God bless you Elvisico!


Three hours ago I was having a drink with Andrea, after our dinner in an Italian restaurant, when we’ve read the sad and shocking news confirming James Gandolfini has passed away, at age 51, due to a heart attack, while enjoying holidays in Italy. What an irony!


Right now I feel sad, and I’m as much shocked as when I heard about Layne Staley’s death, or probably even more because his has been completely unexpected.

 It is really a coincidence that last Sunday I was having a conversation with a friend and we were praising Gandolfini as a great actor. We both agreed that it was James Gandolfini who’s best portrayed a mob boss, over Al Pacino or Robert De Niro. Tony Soprano is an icon in contemporary culture, and one of the best characters in TV history. I was telling my friend Gandolfini was involved in a new project together with HBO, a new series he’d be the lead character, and he was explaining me about him acting for God of Carnage theatrical version in Broadway…and all of a sudden you read that he’s passed away and it’s like a dream. you enter a state of denial and start questioning the sources of information and their reliability, but eventually the truth is confirmed several times and you just have to accept one of your personal heroes is gone.

I just wish that wherever he is, he’s smoking a good cigar, having a very expensive glass of whiskey and listening to classic rock. Rest in Peace, James, I won’t ever forget you.


In my memory, in my heart, you’re still alive…

Shannon, I miss you!


There’s never enough with Elvis here in Since My Baby Left Me. I’ve developed one of the strongest crushes on him in the past decade. I simply LOVE HIM, his voice, his music, the character, The King, the human being and his addictive personality. Impossible to get tired.

For the second year, I feel the need to write few lines in order to commemorate the 35th anniversary of his death. It’s not a happy date, but it’s important enough as to have the most legitimate excuse for listening to some of his albums, watch some movies and perhaps some documentaries.  In fact the day has started with the ’68 Comeback Special in CD.

35 years and Elvis is still alive in our hearts. There hasn’t been such a powerful character as him, and of course there hasn’t been any replacement, not even Michael Jackson played on the same league. The Tupelo guy was over the top.

As I commented a year ago, it’s weird and surprising to feel sympathetic towards someone I never got to know. I live in the same world Elvis did for less than a year, and wasn’t conscious when he passed away, however every August 16th I have to remember.

Many articles, biographies, statements coming from members of his entourage, acquaintances and relatives, documentaries have made Elvis came out of the closet to public analysis, becoming an icon far beyond his fabulous appearance, and the greatness of the American dream he managed to accomplish, from rags to riches.

Elvis is, or better said, was, a human being after all, and many of us feel him closer to our livings. He was moody, insecure, low self-esteemed sometimes, generous, tender, hard worker, responsible, carefree, fussy, erratic, charming, focused, cheater, grateful, humble, proud… He wasn’t a happy-go-lucky man. Elvis suffered.  Gladys’ loss was something he was never able to overcome, and this left a mark on him for good.

It’s surprising the reaction of people remembering The King. Even media has covered the anniversary, however, as a musical journalist I follow on Twitter has said, it’s sad the great majority only thinks of him as the rockstar, the kitsch jumpsuits, the swinging of the hips, and the drugs abuse .

The cultural phenomenon Elvis meant worldwide, and his musical legacy, are out of question. He brought black gospel to world, and was a pioneer in new sounds and musical styles. Always in a quest for quality in compositions, because he just wanted the best for his audience.

But hey! I just wanted to write a few lines, didn’t aim to write a statement defending what Elvis means to me. He just means a lot to me, in fact, he’s the embodiment of my passion for music, subjective, passionate and sometimes irrational and excessive. I love Elvis the same way I love and respect music. With all my heart.


Time goes so fast, it scares the shit out of me. It’s been 15 years already, since the shocking news telling Jeff Buckley had drowned while swimming fully dressed in the Wolf River Channel. Worst of all, his body was missing.

I clearly remember this, and how shocked I was, as if losing some close relative, my stomach had cramps, and I still thought he’d survive and would be alive. Such thing never happened and the Mississippi river kept his body hidden for six days, till he was finally found near a riverboat.

When he got drowned, he wasn’t alone. Many years ago, a friend acquainted with someone close to the artist, told me he was back stroking and singing at the same time. Reports said it was a tide caused by one of these steaming boats, which caused he lost control. After what I was told I found this tragedy somehow special and romantic. So sad!

The guy with the voice like an angel was gone, and we were mourning, but things went on beyond, and his loss became pure commercial business, exploiting all kind of unreleased recorded material or footage, to feed hysterical and starving fans, and help Mary Guibert to get wealthy, something she hadn’t been able to achieve with her former husband and father of her son, the legendary Tim Buckley.

I never accepted what I labeled as opportunism thus cut my interest for Buckley’s music legacy after his death. Grace is the only album I give full credit to, and it’s one of my favorite ones, despite the fact that I don’t listen to it very often because there’re too many emotions in it which affect me enormously and I always end up feeling terribly sad. Someday I will explain in depth what Grace means to me.

The track list including just ten treasures is enough to miss a genius, and mourn his sudden death every year.

Which would be the most suitable song for this post? The Last Goodbye would be very appropriate, and in fact this has been the chosen one this morning to remember Buckley, but right now I think of something different…

Oh, That was so real…

Nobody has made me thrill  the way  Jeff Buckley did, when he  whispered in my ear “I Love You” for the first time, [sigh]


You know sometimes strange associations happen in your mind. I’ve thought of myself able to meet coherence and a point of insanity, and the second can be noticed in certain situations and thoughts I keep for myself.

Yesterday was May The Fourth, a relevant day for all the Star Wars diehard fans, as I confirmed yesterday by writing a post about Boba Fett.

My head went a step beyond and started to think of Intergalactic, by Beastie Boys, with a funny video recorded in Tokyo, resembling and paying tribute to all these classic Japanese kaiju films. I love that song.

Sad news stroke us past the afternoon. Adam Yauch, aka MCA, from Beastie Boys, had passed away, after several years struggling against cancer. Damn, he was 47!

No doubt he lived these years very intensely, his activities not strictly limited to the band, but also quite involved in Buddhism, supporting the Tibetan independent movement, and developing a career as independent film director, Yauch founded a production and distribution company for encouraging this side of the film industry. Under the pseudonym of Nathaniel Hörnblowér, he directed many of Beastie Boys’ videos.

Reactions among the c ommunity of artists and press was immediate and remarkable, paying Youch great respect, and highlighting his contribution to music. From Bret Easton Ellis to Dj Jazzy Jeff, including Duff McKagan, Ryan Adams or Huey Morgan. The world was mourning the loss.

Beastie Boys, white rappers from Brooklyn who integrated rock with hip hop and they kicked our asses when we were teenagers. So good memories.

Allow me to recover some of my favorite moments related to this band.


Can’t believe it was 1987 when I watched this video in one of the best music magazines on TV in Spain, Tocata, but yes, checking dates and all the stuff, I reckon I was 10 when I saw the three stooges from Brooklyn messing around and claiming for a fundamental right of the human being ,and especially youth community, right to party, hell yeah. I recorded the video on VHS, and used to watch it a lot. Even my dad found it funny…huh!

As memories are confusing and I was a kid, both Risky Business, the movie with Tom Cruise, and Fight For Your Right were greatly received by lil Toi.

How many times have I yelled with this song raising a beer to the top? I don’t know, thousands? Beastie Boys delivered a timeless anthem and an upper hardly to forget.


When Ill Communication was released, I had been fighting for my right to party a couple at least a couple of years already. It was that period of time on Saturday all the friends were joining at a huge venue named Devizio (translated would mean something related to Vice). Ours was a outnumbered crowd of around 20 people, so the dancing and the headbanging was quite of a show.

It was the time we all loved RATM, NWA, Clawfinger, Biohazard, Body Count, Judgment Night soundtrack, Cypress Hill, and this fusion of rock and metal with rap…and of course, Beastie Boys occupied a privileged position in our preferences.

The video, directed by Spike Jonze is one of the most brilliant and coolest ever, and became a reference for future film tribute projects.

However, Sabotage really shocked me when I saw this live performance for the 1994 MTV Video Awards…yes, when MTV ruled and the Awards featured awesome performances. Well, this was one. Enjoying Beastie Boys playing the instruments and kicking asses was another moment to highlight. I remember myself at home, late at night literally vibrating.


Promoting their album To The 5 Boroughs, Beastie Boys decided to have a groovie walk by The Late Show with David Letterman’s set surroundings, including NYC subway, offering this super cool Check It Out, and showing they were still the bosses.

I must admit I saw this video yesterday, so not much story can be added, just that I flipped a lot, and guess you’d love this piece.

Wherever you are MCA, I wish you, not to rest, but to keep on partying as only you know. Thanks for the groove and the fun!