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Robert Williams is an artist I have maximum respect for, since I discovered that he was responsible for the name and the cover artwork of one of the most iconic albums  not only in rock and music history. Do you have any clue which one I’m referring to?

What about this? Does this look familiar to you?

Yes, Appetite For Destruction was painted by the hot rod artist, and Axl Rose, not only had such a crush on the artwork, but also the name of the piece made such impact on him, he decided, well, better said, suggested, that should be the name for the debut album of the most dangerous band in the album, Guns N’Roses, and my personal favorite as you might already know. I reckon he nailed it. Surely you know this cover was censored due to the explicit content on it. Absolutely insane, yet super hypnotic. I’m sure I already told you about my own replica at the Hellhouse, what can I say?

Williams conceives his prolific work as Conceptual Realism, and also the term Lowbrow is frequently related. Not sure about what that means, you know artistic terms are not my strength, but yeah, it’s true he deals with realistic elements, of course translated into his personal universe. Knowing already my taste for the extreme and sometimes vulgar, you can imagine, illustrations dealing with underground culture imagery, it’s my kind of thing.

Hot Rod, easy women, sex, violence, past-present-future, all kind of icons, comic culture, countless elements to reflect dissatisfaction and disappointment with American society in essence.

If you dig a bit into this artist’s career and personal life, you come to the conclusion he’s a kind of art outlaw, a rebel. Involved in the car culture since very young, seems that his only way to stay out of trouble, and avoid the can, was to focus into his painting skills and passion. And he succeeded, as many publications and Juxtapoz magazine he founded in 1994, are the proof.

I remember seeing all these billboards and ads of Vans Vault Icons,  featuring him some years ago in Manhattan. I had a crush on some of his designs.

Williams, a revolutionary with a paintbrush, able to shock the world with his powerful stories, reflecting the lowest and darkest side of the mean society, with corruption, vice, greediness, we’re part of.

Most likely many of you dislike his pieces so color saturated and overloaded. On his credit, so much meaning implicit in every stroke, as to get hooked observing and noticing millions of details impossible to assimilate at just a glance. Personally, I find his work fascinating.


Sure you’ve heard of Appetite for Destruction, right?  Guess it’s because of the debut album of Guns n’ Roses. This paint was the original cover of the debut album but due to its violent and non politely correct theme was censored to the inner sheet, becoming the cross with the skulls of the members of the band the definite front one.

Apart from this anecdote, there’s more story beyond that cover and the title itself. This used to be one of Axl Rose’s favorite paint, by the artist Robert Williams. The oil and the title itself inspired one of the most essential albums ever.

Why am I talking about this? Again, most of you know Guns n’ Roses is my favorite band ever, and this album marked a break point helping me to become who I am. Well, few days ago I decided to do something I should have done ages ago., I bought the poster for hanging it in my living room, and I’m so happy! Parcel arrived yesterday and the poster went straight for framing, so in a couple of weeks this will be at my place.

You might find it too violent and offensive… I’m so used to it I really love it. The more I stare at it observing the more details I find.

if you end up having a beer or tasty coffee at my hellhouse, you’ll find Appetite for Destruction, and I’ll love to see you face, when you notice it.


Here a link to Williams’ street art: