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Events occur in real time.

This is my new addiction.

24: season seven logo.

It’s taken me ages to face 24. Probably I disliked the idea it was massively broadcast by one of the Spanish TV channels I hate most, and thought this wasn’t to be a smart series, but something for popular consumption. Well, I’m not gonna theorize about the plot and the quality, and to be honest I must admit thanks to its dynamism it’s actually a series looking for major audience. It’s easy to understand, and easier to get hooked to it, and in terms of sensitivity it doesn’t mess with your head, which is something good sometimes.

After enjoying this massive wave of emotions in the shape of Six Feet Under (I gotta write something about The Fishers, most def), I needed something easy.

For 2 years I’ve had the complete series at home, because a very enthusiastic friend lent it to me (Mayra, I swear I’ll return them in perfect condition), but I always had something more attractive to watch so I left it aside. Probably the pressure of some friends reckoning Jack Bauer was definitely worth it made me approach it this time.


The expression ‘dog day’ should be changed to ‘Jack Bauer day’, as this poor CTU (Counter Terrorist Unit) agent is deep in shit from minute one for 24 hour episodes, trying to save America and the world. He’s a fuckin’ hero who’s able to do whatever it takes to accomplish his mission, risking his own life constantly.

I’ve just finished season 2, at marathon speed. If I have a day off without socializing, I easily watch 8-10 episodes nonstop, because I need to know what comes after. I don’t think I could stand following the seasons in real time. I’d probably get anxious. So many things going on…

The funniest thing of all is that it’s always the same pattern, but you don’t get bored with so much repetition. There’s a major threat and Bauer is summoned to try to sort the shit out, and an insane and reckless race starts. He’s got allies and enemies, even inside the bureau. Several people spend all the time in close spaces, Almeida and President Palmer for instance, while Jack and his daughter get constantly in trouble and move from one place to another. How many times will Kim Bauer get kidnapped through the series? How many times is she about to get raped? How many times does Jack get hit, is injured or tortured? Impossible to count.

kim bauer

By the way, thank God she’s not my daughter. I’ll kill her myself! How can she get in trouble so easily?

Of course if you pay attention, and considering these 24 episodes cover a whole day, there are lots of inconsistencies and free licenses you don’t get too serious because the balance is positive, but clothes, makeup, injures cured, wired places and , sound speed trips are constant, and don’t forget nobody eats nor sleep at all. Ah! Jack Bauer never experiences one of the worst current problems in the first world: his phone never runs out of battery.

Jack Bauer is the 21st Century Chuck Norris, not so strong and muscled, and definitely not so ridiculously kitsch, but at the end of the day he’s unbeatable, and that’s what counts.

Jack, you saved senator Palmer for being assassinated, the city of L.A from the devastating effects of a nuclear bomb, and prevented America to invade 3 middle-East countries, which would have caused World War III. Not bad in just two days. Let’s see how you handle next.

I’m federal agent Jack Bauer, and today is the longest day of my life.


I’m a complete disaster following TV series nowadays. It took me less than a week to watch the first season of Breaking Bad, but got stuck in the 4th episode of the second, and I’m not focused enough to go on with it. Remember I wrote about Girls in a very enthusiastic way? Well, I haven’t finished the second season either. I devoured Game of Thrones seasons in one day and a half each, and my record was completing The Shield in barely 4 weeks. Series are the best choice if you wanna be entertained watching TV because chapters do not last more than one hour, keep you hooked to a plot, and the wide options available can cover any needs you have.

I’m not good at being seduced by the hype either. Haven’t watched Homeland nor Sherlock, eventually despised Lost and I don’t enjoy The Big Bang Theory. However I’m completely delighted by Donald Draper’s charm and I’m a huge Sopranos fan, although I must remark that I started following it when it started being broadcast here in Spain by a private channel and wasn’t very popular.

true detective

Anyway, all these explanations about my lack of enthusiasm for series is just an excuse to tell I’ve just finished the first episode of the next series hype, the new HBO’s product named True Detective, created by Nic Pizzolato, with Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson and directed by Cary Juji Fukunaga, especially great in everything related to rough landscapes and settings as you can check in Jane Eyre.

Opening episode was aired on January 12, and massive response was immediate, including friends and acquaintances recommending it enthusiastically.

The plot, the structure with the flashbacks, the dark tone and the main characters form a great combination hardly to resist at the moment. Lots of people agree McConaughey is not a very good actor, but as far as I can tell, he’s currently enjoying his big time. he shouldn’t be so much obsessed with botox though, or he’ll turn into Mickey Rourke reloaded. I like the Tax Man and Hart, and I’m sure as the plot develops these characters will gain weight, depth and interest.

But as I don’t want to spoil anything, I’m shutting my mouth, grabbing my hands and instead of summarizing what I’ve watched I’ll just share the official trailer with you.

Let’s see it True Detective manages to catch me. Feel free to share your impressions with me here, I’d love to know your expectations.

*** By the way, Am I the only one who thinks McConaughey resembles Scott Weiland (ex Stone Temple Pilots)?


I’ve finally spent part of this weekend devouring the first season of this so acclaimed by many of my (girl)friends HBO series named GIRLS. This TV channel is currently broadcasting its second season and as far as I can tell, according to reactions and impressions around me, Girls is becoming a huge thing.

girls billboard

To be honest I don’t feel very confident when this happens, so it takes me time till eventually I reach a point I gather strength enough as to watch the whole season in one go if possible. It happened with Game of Thrones last year, and I’ve repeated same pattern with Girls this weekend. In both cases the outcome has been more positive than expected.

For those who have no idea what Girls is about, I’ll try to write a quick approach. Hannah (Lena Dunham) is a 24 year old aspiring writer who’s writing her first novel, and lives comfortably in New York until her parents announce that they’re finally cutting income support in order she starts taking care of her own business and is finally aware of what real world is. Thus, all of a sudden she finds herself broke, without a job, supposedly sharing flat and rent with her friend Marnie(Allison Williams), and visiting Adam (Adam Driver) to get laid from time to time.hannah

Girls is basically the evolution of Hannah, the main character, and all her closest entourage of girl friends: Marnie the responsible and down to earth friend who feels frustrated due to her boring relationship with Charlie (Christopher Abbott), Jessa (Jemima Kirke) the bohemian posh hippie who doesn’t know nor care about the meaning of hard work and responsibilities and finally Shoshanna (Zosia Mamet), the freak student whose biggest baggage is being virgin and is a Sex and The City diehard fan living in Nolita.

Lena Dunham is the creator and director of this series which apparently includes a great deal of autobiographic stuff, plus she’s playing herself, which means an advantage in transmitting concepts and experiences. Also, thanks to be HBO, there’s freedom in terms of exposing certain subjects which can be considered inappropriate. The combination of these two aspects are key for this series success.

Thinking of Girls and being myself 36, allows me to see the whole thing in a more objective way. Sex and The City was created to attract women in their late 20s early 30s, and such was the impact, all of a sudden there were loads of “superwomen” aiming  to be independent, stylish and in total control of men. I never connected with that series, even less with the characters. I didn’t feel identified and reflected in any of them.

the girls

Girls’ target is completely different. Of course the potential audience is girls in their 20s, and even though most of the characters live comfy, it’s also true they have to deal with real life issues such as rent, work, sex, drugs, money or SSDs. The series tries to make an approach to a part of this young adult generation, with cutting humor, awkward situations and funny dialogues. Characters’ roles and personalities are excessive, dealing with dramatic moments in a hilarious way.

There’s one thing I particularly find remarkable and has to do with Hannah/Lena. I like the fact that she plays herself. She’s not perfect. Physically she’s overweight, quite messy in aspect, her body is weird, her outfits unlike her friends, are sometimes terrible. She’s difficult to cope and live with, she’s plenty of insecurities and obsessions, she’s always so concerned about her own problems not only she involves her friends in her stuff but also doesn’t give a shit about the rest of the world. But at the end of the day she’s got something irresistible and you always end up liking this freak. She’s a great anti-heroine. There’s no doubt that she’s becoming an icon and a reference for many girls and women.

Girls is becoming a mass phenomenon and probably the effect upon some girls will be devastating if it ever occurs to them that these 4 girls are to be their role models. These friends are essentially unstable and quite out of control. Curiously and working against this independent feminist concern, many times they need the advice and support of a male character to cope with their insecurities or evolve into something. Adam is, against all odds, the most active part in the relationship, showing and expressing his affection for Hannah, and trying to step forwards into a serious relationship by committing, which is something she cannot comprehend nor assume. Shoshanna definitely needs a guy to release her from her heavy baggage. Marnie depends on Charlie as her clutch however after dumping him, she needs him by her side, and careless Jessa at the end of the day needs a man to be tamed and stay away of trouble with engaged men.


You have to take Girls in a simple way without looking for feeling identified with their characters, no matter how much familiar certain situations are.

Once this been said, I reckon this series is worth being watched by everyone, both men and women, because it’s really entertaining, funny and easy going, and considering the times we’re passing through, a dose of smart fun and frivolity is often necessary.


When I finally finished The Sopranos series three years ago, made myself a promise: I had to re-watch it every two years. Unfortunately I couldn’t make it last year, really wasn’t in the mood.

August is here, and beside working like a bitch, and hanging around in bars, something up to certain level cool, but a total ruin on the other hand (I’m not just talking about dough, but the hangovers and alcohol level in my blood stream), there are not many things to do. Most people are out of town on holidays, it’s super hot and humid here in Barcelona to unbearable levels lately, as to have a walk and melt under the sun.

For all these reasons and because I recovered the complete series some friends had borrowed from me months ago, and what the hell! Because I miss T and the guys, I’ve moved both my mind and heart to the Garden State…and can’t be happier!

I’m completely hooked to this waste management business, involving friends of ours, money laundry, deals, enemies, family affairs and therapy, once again.

Positive, I reckon this is the best TV series ever.

Some people feel lazy because there are many seasons, others due to the length of the episodes (45-50 minutes), and many have given up after the third one. Terrible mistake! I always insist everyone on enduring the first 5-6 episodes to start having a picture of what’s going on.

The Sopranos is not the typical catchy series plenty of action packed in their first episodes so you get hooked immediately. Lost started very intensely and then you had to smoke a joint because the plot was complete nonsense, for instance. I cannot understand why so many people lost their minds with it. Lost and Prison Break disappointed me a lot as seasons were coming, and  I prefer to keep my opinion regarding their bullshit finales.

I started the second season yesterday, four episodes at once, perfect evening. And here is when the cake starts taking shape in the oven, when Tony Soprano is the boss and has to take care of the business… I’ll tell you about him soon.

Difference from other series is the personality of the characters and their relevance. It’s not only Tony and the world spinning around him. Everybody is important and has something to say and something to contribute for the enriching of the series. It doesn’t matter AJ is a complete asshole or Bobby Baccala is a fat fuck, their actions affect the fate of their business…always.

Knowing the end and how everything goes, yet after three years, many other series and films seen, I’m unable to have fresh memories of all that happens, nor the characters and situations, this time I’m watching the episodes paying more attention to details. There are mistakes, actors performing different characters, and people ignored during the first seasons which eventually find their time in the series. You don’t notice them but they’re there.

I’m thinking of taking notes of some funny things I’m seeing lately. With no aim to spoil anything, it was fun and amazing to realize Janice Soprano and Bobby Baccala’s first appearances are on the same episode…ha!

Anyway, don’t wanna bother with my Sopranos fever any longer, but make a highlighting remark on this series. Dialogues and plots are simply great and if you fancy about mafia, you should pay your tribute to this second league family, away from the glamour of the Corleones, or Scorsese’s portraits of Italian American mob stories.

And now, get the fuck outta here!!