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This has been a very musical weekend. I’ve gone to a couple of gigs, completely different one from each other, but enjoyable the same.

Unfortunately I cannot afford to assist to all the gigs I’d love to, thus I have to be a bit selective. There are many gigs confirmed for this Spring-Summer, and surely I’ll have to forget about some of them. Better not to think of it now.

Anyway, sometimes I’m amazed of myself for being so eclectic. Yesterday I was headbanging listening to heavy riffing stuff, and tonight I was dancing soul.

Yesterday the band headlining was called Moho. I would define them just as a doom stoner band, but apparently there’s a label more accurate to define their style: SLUDGE. I’m not very good at labeling and prefer easy tags for bands, and as I haven’t been much into this style for long time seems I’m a bit old fashioned. I’d say I’m more old school.

Moho, offered an amazing show. I was quite surprised for their quality and their themes, considering they’re from Madrid, they don’t seem “national” product. I respect them for that, apart from the fact that they’re really good musicians, the drummer was outstanding.

Cannot name any single title, I have no idea. I’m not very good at reviewing gigs either, because I never remember set lists or titles of the songs, unless the band I’m seeing drives me crazy. What I can say is that not only me, but also the rest of the audience were enjoying the show a lot, and nobody came back home disappointed. Hope to see them soon again, Moho rules!

And tonight we’ve changed of story completely, and it’s been awesome! Thanks to the music magazine Ruta 66, we’ve witnessed two hot performances by two established and experienced soul brothers.

Opening the show Charles Bradley has warmed the venue with great tunes, showing his dancing skills, no matter he’s an aged man. A cover of Neil Young’s Heart of Gold has been overwhelming. After half an hour (sharp), we very pleased and surprised at the same time, but the best was yet to come.

Mr. Lee Fields showed on stage showing such charisma and attitude, we were completely delighted. Set list was  outstanding and songs such as Ladies, Money is King or Honey Dove made people crazy, everybody was dancing, raising arms and singing back.  Terrific!

The singers shared the same band, and wow! They were amazing and the bass player was non of this world.

The stoner show, with 3 bands, lasted  about 3 hours, however this soul show has barely reached one hour and a half, still, in order not to lose the rhythm, there was no pause between each artist, with the band playing constantly. I’ve loved it!

And here I am, about to go to sleep, tired but very happy for attending both shows, and glad my best friend, trusting my enthusiasm for Lee Fields, has enjoyed so much. Hope there are more weekends alike, it’s been really cool.