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My nephew is finally sleeping after a morning of nonstop activity. It’s been a blast, gotta say, but I’m exhausted!

Anyway, it’s raining, the kid is sleeping, and don’t have any plans ahead for the moment, so I’m gonna talk about Soup, the album that marked last week routine.

Last Friday was the 16th sad anniversary of Shannon Hoon’s decease, cause by cocaine overdose. I remember when I read the news, and really, it affected me. The guy with angel-like voice, native from Lafayette, and close friend of Axl Rose, was gone.

I usually listen to Blind Melon’s albums, no doubt it’s one of my all times favorite bands, but having such date marked on the calendar, made me feel like recovering the albums, especially Soup, my favorite.

This, also reminds me of another lesson learned regarding gifts to boyfriends. Never give something that it’s really meaningful to you. I bought my vinyl of Soup in Edinburgh, in 1999, on a flash trip I did by coach, just to see some friends less than 24h. The album was sealed, it was new, just cost me one pound, ridiculous, but it was my treasure…and now it’s gone for good. I don’t exactly regret having done that, but nowadays I don’t really feel that person deserved it anymore. Well, fuck it! I gotta move forward and forget about such stupid details, otherwise I’ll get in bad mood.

Anyway, let’s talk about Soup. As most of you know, this was the last complete album of Blind Melon with Shannon Hoon still alive. Just the second, amazing! Imagine for a second Hoon was still alive. Yeah! Some of us witnessed a marvelous comeback with that dude, Travis Warren, who managed to give back the Melon’s spirit, and the last album For My Friends, which was very respectable and beautiful, but you know it’s not the same. If the band delivered such awesome second album as Soup is, widely superior to their debut, I can’t imagine if been able to keep on the same track.

Thinking of the title and the artwork of the album, referring to an alphabet soup, truth is that songs differ quite much from each other, and subjects of lyrics are special, to say the least. Skinned is related to serial killer and butcher Ed Gein, New Life about Nico Blue’s birth, St. Andrew’s Fall deals with suicide… Soup is definitely a dark album.

What can I say? From top to bottom I love the 14 tracks. Positive, whenever I listen to Mouthful of Cavities, I feel a knot in me belly. That song is absolutely killing. But then there are Galaxie, 2X4, Walk

Soup is one of those albums whenever I listen to, I feel grateful for being a music lover. And again, I see myself talking about another legendary band in the 90’s. I should go to the doctor, nostalgia is really present lately, but I won’t get tired repeating the same, this is the story of my life.