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Chewie, we’re home!

I never wanted Xmas to arrive so badly, but this time THIS TIME it has to be fast, for fuck’s sake!

I’ve just watched the second official trailer of Star Wars episode VII: The Force Awakens six times in a row and now I have two tears about to roll.

I feel so excited about this movie! Very frightened too, to be honest. I’m scared of what Abrams might do, but at the same time that classic sentence “You’re my only hope” is constantly kicking in my head.

The fact that all the ships, the X-Wings, The Tie-Fighters and the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy, The Millennium Falcon, or Chewbacca and R2-D2 appear on the trailer really makes my heart bits fast. And Solo, MY MAN! He’s an old rascal, but it doesn’t matter, damn! I’m near 40 but I feel like a kid again, how can this be possible?

How can this fiction be so essential for many? Whenever I start wondering about it I feel overwhelmed. We were kids, innocent and impressible when we watched this saga for the first time. But it’s been almost 40 years since it started, people have grown up, have their families and responsibilities, and still the world stops when a new trailer is released, and the impact on so many people is so unbelievable it makes me think these are the greatest movies ever made. Not in terms of performing nor even the plot, which I reckon it’s a simple and clear way to understand Jung’s theory of the archetypes (child, father, good, evil, the hero, the journey…), but because what George Lucas achieved to recreate on three films with the passing of timehas become something cultural, I’d dare say, historic, and this makes them simply perfect.

chewie and solo

December, 18th is marked in my calendar. Victory and death are on the table. Am I ready to cope with both options? It can be the greatest disaster or something really big. Who knows?

Hope, friends, hope. We can never surrender to fear, cause fear takes you to the dark side.



Ain’t it great there’s a day we can celebrate the existence of the universe of Star Wars?

Since I started Since My Baby Left Me, I’ve been reminding the world about how much I love this saga, better said, the holy trilogy of episodes IV, V and VI. There are not many things at this stage of life which make me feel in the same way as when I was a little girl. There are very few movies which can make me laugh, cry, feel excited, devastated, in love or upset every time I watch them. And there are very few things I relate to in the real life even though they are impossible: I want a lightsaber, to have the Jedi mind power, send people to die in Sarlacc’s pit, get married with Han Solo, and hire Boba Fett as my bodyguard.

I can’t recall how many times I’ve quoted quoted sentences such as “Obi-Wan Kenobi, you’re my only hope” “it’s a trap”, “Uchini!” “These aren’t the droids you’re looking for”, “I find your lack of faith disturbing”, “I love you”, “I know”, or “Jabba! This is your last chance. Free us or Die”. Believe me, they’ve been many. I was told once I laugh in the same way as Jabba the Hutt. It’s not a very nice thing to say, but I bear this burden with some kind og dignity.

This is what George Lucas has made of me. A freak. But I love it.

star wars cast

Forgetting the first episodes, which I consider a waste and an insult, everybody is looking towards the episode VII reluctantly yet curious and excited. Last week this amazing photo shocked and made all fans recover enthusiasm. Full cast in a relaxing meeting. The old and the new generation of actors with the director J.J. Abrams. Good news is that Lawrence Kasdan, responsible for The Empire Strikes Back, will co-write the script, instead of the director by himself, who we don’t trust much. I don’t know what to think of all this. I’d hate getting disappointed again, but at the same time I got faith. Let’s see what happens next year.

In the meantime, May the Force Be With You. Always.

Have a fab fourth!


My Darth Vader Lego alarm clock woke me up some  hours ago. I turn around and saw Han Solo on my Star Wars pillowcase. Went straight to the kitchen and had some nice chai tea using my Star Wars cup.

After breakfast, I washed my hands pouring some strawberry soap from my Japanese R2-D2 dispenser, had a nice shower, and put this Star Wars characters t-shirt.

I’ve opened my computer with this Star Wars behind the scene shot with Han, Leia, Luke and Chewie laughing at the Millenium Falcon cockpit, and now that I’m writing these stupid lines I sit in front of my Bobba Fett and Han Solo Potato toys, escorted by the original Star Wars frame poster on the wall.

I see this picture everyday

I see this picture every day

I am not a collector, I’m not so constant and don’t feel like investing tons of money in just one thing, or theme. Perhaps I like too many things as to collect, I don’t know. The truth is that I’m surrounded by lots of references and items related to The Holy Trilogy (of course I’m only referring to the classic one), which are present on a regular basis.

If you’ve ever thought of me as a freak but never dared to tell me, now it’s the time. I allow you to call me freak in my face, just for today. Cause I am, and these films coming from a Galaxy, far far away, made a permanent impact on me. Can’t help the constant references.

Today, yes, May the 4th, it’s the Star Wars day. From all the stupid and ridiculous days celebrated, this happens to be the most appealing to me, thus The Imperial March I will listen, and speak as Master Yoda I’ll try.

Hope you have a fab day, friends, and again



When I was a kid October the 12th was the most important day in my hometown. Local fests were at their peak, with the flower tribute to the Virgin from the peasants, dressed in the traditional local costumes. It was the only day I didn’t mind to wear long earrings and a necklace with a cross. After 30 years I can admit I liked the outfit.

I forgot about the outfit soon and focused on partying when I was a teenager, and those were party animal days for real.

When you get older you don’t care so much about these things, at least I do not. I don’t like local fests anymore, so packed with people, nah! Not my thing.

Nevertheless on this day, there are other things celebrated and vindicated.

On one hand, Spanish speakers around the world celebrate the Hispanic day, but as usual, there’s the other side of the coin, with people blaming poor Columbus for all the Native American killing when conquering and settling in the land. Columbus found this land by chance, and human kind should be blamed, not just a single historic character. But hey! I’m not Columbus relative and can sleep fine at nights.

It’s also a national day in Spain, but since there’s all this controversy and waves of independence, lately concentrated in Catalunya, it’s a day of struggle, everybody trying to prove who is right or wrong. Not all the Catalonians feel as part of Spain, same as not all of them are seeking for independence. Demonstrations, flags, and lots of riot squad ready to beat the shit out of everyone if required. I really hate this tendency to politicize any events. Bullshit!

And finally, one of the things which has always disgusted me the most, it’s Army parade, broadcasted on national TV, with the King and some politicians looking proud and in approval to all our defense display. Spain and the army, it’s ridiculous! So much money diverted to the Army while more thant 25% of subjects are unemployed with all the benefits being cut down, tax being raised, and all the crap we are swallowing… I think this exercise of flaunt is not necessary nowadays.

With such tension floating in the air I decided to recover the fest I used to live in my childhood and no, I didn’t wear costumes, but I sang dirty jotas, had wine and other joyful refreshments, and enjoyed a wonderful BBQ party with friends, who chose this day to celebrate Xavi’s and my birthday. And it was a blast!

Why do we have to ruin a feast on behalf of stuff which is actually killing our happiness and welfare? We can complain and moan for rest of our lives, but friends, sometimes we need a goddam break, for Fuck’s sake! Let’s have some fun!

Ah, by the way! The cake was super awesome, and now I have this at home… Awsomeness!!!


There are certain dates which must be remembered and praised. Today, not only is my friend Verónica’s birthday (happy birthday honey, as soon as I’m back in Barcelona, we’ll celebrate the way you deserve), or the day Soundgarden and I will have our dues finally settled, but also it is a date to remember because a legend started: Star Wars.

May the 25th, 1977, this is 35 years ago, Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope was released. George Lucas could feel confident with his project, but never expected such reaction. He knew he’d be millionaire not due to the film and the other 2 episodes planned, but because of the merchandising. He was right.

The legend was created, the most merciless intergalactic villain, Darth Vader, was born, the coolest starship used for smuggling , The Millenium Falcon, introduced new concepts such as hyperdrive, new creatures able to coexist with so called humans, the anti-hero Han Solo, the Empire, the rebels… Have you realized the way Lucas managed to blow our minds with so many concepts?

I was a toddler when Star Wars was released, so it took me at least 4 years to start realizing what was going on, but there are pictures of lil Toi, grabbing a Star Wars cork bullet gun. As far back as I can remember, Star Wars has been something very close I’ve grown up with, and even though I’m not a collector, I have many items I adore and love the old saga. You can call me freak, but I have at least 4 tees related and I love them, and yesss, I still wanna marry a guy in Han Solo outfit, what can I say?

May the Force Be with You Friends!

Now excuse me, I have a festival to attend 😉


Being today, May the Fourth, I couldn’t miss the opportunity to talk about one of my favorite bad guys. It’s true the major villain in the universe is Darth Vader, one of my main sources of inspiration in my life, and of course in my top 5.

But you know the Star Wars universe is so huge, many secondary characters are also worth following. This is Boba Fett’s time.

When I was a little girl I didn’t really know what bounty hunter meant, in Spanish, Cazarrecompensas, but Boba Fett was, thus, apart from being a rockstar, if being a bounty hunter meant to wear a cool helmet as his, sure I wanted to be one. I never had a Boba Fett helmet, but I still remember driving my pedal engine jeep, with my blue-red-yellow helmet, which was a mix between Vader’s and Fett’s. Ah! I also was armoured with my cork bullet Star Wars gun. Not joking!

Boba Fett has not very remarkable spoken parts in the classic saga, but his appeal is obvious, the hunter, the observer, and Han Solo’s worst nightmare, thanks to Jabba The Hutt’s reward on his head.

He’s also closely in touch with Darth Vader, sharing the target of searching and blocking the Millenium Falcon crew, each one for their reasons: Fett wants Solo, and Vader wants young Skywalker. Although Fett as one of the best bounty hunters enjoys some privileged position and freedom within the Empire, he sympathizes with the dark side, as he blames the Jedi cast for his father’s assassination, and also because the rewards come from the powerful side. Thus their relationship is based on common interests and respect.

Thinking of the relevance of his acts in the Saga, I’ve always considered the execution of his character particularly unfair. Of course Solo had to be honored to be the one to put an end to his archenemy, but c’mon, he couldn’t even enjoy of his own triumph because he was blind after being frozen in carbonite. Just a sharp movement with a stick, which starts the flying propeller engine, his jetpack, Fett is unable to take control of, ending up being digested by  Tattoine’s Sarlacc, a kind of carnivore plant in the middle of the desert, for over 2000 years. What a shame!!!

According to some comments registered, if Lucas had managed to foresee the impact of the character and his popularity and cult, he would have thought of a more exciting way to end with him. In an attempt to give him more credit, there was a part referring to him and his father’s death, being Jango the model for the design of the clone soldiers. Star Wars for me ended with The Return of the Jedi, and these new episodes were an Epic Fail, and an insult to the fans, I cannot comprehend how George Lucas dared to carry out.

One of my childhood frustration was, after collecting my Corn Flakes coupons, never to receive my Boba Fett’s figure. In fact, nothing that I’ve requested with coupons ever arrived home. I’m thinking of a cow patterned sandwich maker too. Fuckers, I should have demanded for cheating a kid.

Now I’ve discovered Fett’s shoes…and I want them. Any volunteer to make me the happiest girl in the world? It’s cheaper than Han Solo full scale carbonite figure, and marriage is not involved…just think about it! ❤

Anyway, wish you a great day, and May The Fourth Be With You…Always!


It’s curious the impact and influence of Star Wars in my life. Constant references come to my mind that I often use to relate to some topics.

Back in the day I was fascinated with the hologram which brought out all the story of the saga:

Help me Obi Wan Kenobi, You’re My Only Hope.

The moment, the tone of desperation and concern in Leia’s voice, the rush in the message, a multitask R2-D2 as the messenger of the Princess… Who’s never imitated her inserting data into the robot? Leia looked absolutely gorgeous in her white dress with a smooth hood covering her stunning hairdo. Really, those seconds will always be fresh in my memory, as they marked me for good, and draught me into the Star Wars Universe forever.

This hologram device was repeatedly used in various episodes in the saga, and again exploited in the New Trilogy, as a standard way of online visual communication, but nothing was so shocking as Leia’s initial cry for help…

Until last Sunday, at the Coachella Festival.

Shot to death rapper Tupac Shakur joined his fellas Dr. Dre and Snoop Dog during their performance and delighted the audience with two of his most popular hits, Hail Mary and 2 of Americaz Most Wanted.

Yes, Tupac was brought back from the Dead thanks to awesome technologies and hard work, in the shape of a Hologram, and he even greeted the crowd yelling  What’s Up Coachella?

It’s so weird and insane, that also gives me the creeps.

Ok, you might start accurately analyzing the images and will notice the hologram was so perfect, but think of yourself, right in the middle of the crowd, beers, some joint, in party mood for many hours, and all of a sudden Tupac is right in front of you. Also consider the distance from the audience to the stage, which at these massive festivals is huge.

Moreover, it’s not just the hologram of the guy moving and dancing, it’s perfectly synchronized to audio, the voice modified as to greet the crowd, and finally Tupac is interacting with Snoop Dog.

This unprecedented event, leaving aside those terrible duets with a big screen showing Nat King Cole and her daughter singing at the same time, has set a new marked. And I’m not happy to admit it’s scary.

From a technological point of view, it’s no doubt, a huge advance for audiovisual media, broadcasting, and other aspects, but thinking of the way some resources are applied, the hologram mean the starting point for many possibly awful things, and the end of some traditions.

You know I don’t mean to be a fortune teller, by all means, but perhaps my imagination, fed by many sci-fi stories, is able to create some possibilities.

Considering the definition of the hologram, and the fact that, with technologies, you can recreate a performance without the character being present or alive, some projects involving dead stars could be developed. Think of Nirvana performing Nevermind  in its 25th anniversary, Jimi Hendrix burning a guitar on a stage, Bill Hicks yelling against the preachers, or Elvis singing An American Trilogy right in front of you. Speaking from the heart, this very last thought is exciting, as I’ve had dreams of me attending one of his shows in Vegas. But stop this madness!!! Let’s talk serious. Despite the fact that we all would love to see performing our dead heroes, but there was the right time, and events and other circumstances brought to this. So let’s not force certain things.

The possibility of bringing out the dead on stage, and also make logistics easier for ambitious projects, like a, let’s say an instant performance of Lady GaGa in different spots in the world, something very shocking and even attractive in the beginning, would also cause side effects.

I think of a couple of examples to start with right now. Gig tickets would rise immediately, something that’s already happened with 3D films great swindle, and improvisation would not be an option anymore.

We would end up paying for an illusion after all, a reflection, and a compilation of all performances. Perhaps that’s ok with you, but I a diehard fan of live performances with their intensity, power and the capability of transmitting emotions. Thus, as I see, the hologram project would be but a fail to me.

Let’s not hurry up to see the future, please 😉