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I’m a consumerist. Period. I can try to deny myself, but my willpower  very often succumbs to temptation, and having the world at a single click, I catch the bait more than I should. I could go to therapy, but it’d be more expensive than purchasing certain items which provide me a massive wave of pleasure. Still, same as cigarettes, I’m cutting down, not so rad, but little by little.

And what  are my late main acquisitions? Books.

They are not for imminent consumption as a CD or a vinyl, I could have waited to buy them, but you know, sometimes you feel the urge to have the book, touch it and smell it, and think “I got you, babe”. Reading is slow combustion pleasure, mmmm, I love it, but the problem is that lack of time is an issue, and this wonder requires the world to top. And it’ difficult.

It’s true that I have abandoned fiction for a while, perhaps on behalf of films, thus I’m enjoying biographies overall.

These have been the latest entries at the Hellhouse,  I’m really proud of.


The Baron of Blood is one of my favorite directors. Nowadays, thanks to his last films A History of Violence and Eastern Promises, has become a more prominent and public figure, up to major consumption, however his earlier films, managed to twist sci-fi into something more insane, with great dose of science and psychological features.

This book is nothing but excerpts of interviews in which he talks about this early works, conditions related to budgets, plot concepts… basically what he had in mind when he filmed them.  They Came from Within, Rabid, The Brood, Scanners, Videodrome up to Crash… I read it a couple of years ago, and was fascinated by the way the Canadian talks about his work.

If you are into his filmography, this is a MUST have.


Another present I bought, this time for my friend Jaume, in NY, in 2008.

Autobiographies aside, reckon this is the most valuable document of the earliest years of Guns N’ Roses, the (former) most dangerous band in the world, captured in amazing shots by their fan #1, and best friend, Marc Canter. No doubt their close relationship in that time, and his love for the band, made Reckless Road possible. Captures, press reviews, fliers… this compilation of band memorabilia is like time travelling back to Sunset Strip era, when Axl’s obsessions were still at the rear of his mind, and they used to hang out with hookers, for sex, drugs, a shower and some Night Train.


Despite the fact that I really love Star Wars, and I’m a diehard fan, to be honest I’ve never been an avid collector of stuff. It’s true I have posters, soap dispenser, t-shirts, toys…but I’m not obsessed by the holy saga at all.

Up to date, my most serious possession was a present I received from my ex brother-in-law, another super fan. It was The Making Of Star Wars.

I told you about my New Year’s Day tradition of starting with the holy trilogy. Well, it was then when I decided that  the book revealing all the details of how my favorite movie ever was developed, had to be mine. I haven’t dived into it properly yet, but I know some hours of pleasure are guaranteed.


What can I say? I love Blind Melon and need to know more about Shannon Hoon. My friend Enric insisted I had to get it, and eventually the writer himself advised my where to purchase it…unbelievable! I still have it sealed, waiting for me to close other pending readings so I will focus on it exclusively. I’m scared of what I might find. I’m  still mourning Hoon’s loss and most likely I’ll feel devastated once I really get to know him in detail. But I have to. Blind Melon are essential in my life.


This was actually a Xmas present from the cake couple, and it was really a nice surprise. Just had a quick look at it, but seems it’s gonna be endless fun. Resembling in the style and format to Please Kill Me, based on quotations by personalities who were part of that story, and covering the whole punk era in L.A up to hardcore movement. Pretty interesting, to be honest.

I really can’t pile these treasures up in a shelf and forget about them till I finish my current readings, thus here they are, moving from one place to the other at the Hellhouse, waiting to be settled, and swallowed by their crazy owner some day.


These day we’re currently passing through are a whole set of traditions, perhaps too many and too concentrated. For 15 days approx, we live in a mess, and all routines are temporarily erased due to so many changes in our daily biorhythms. So many lunches, dinners, parties, booze, heavy meals, breaks… my schedules are gone, I’m a creature of the night, more than ever, and all the home duties and other stuff have been disturbed.

Living in a different city helps me to lessen the impact of Xmas a bit, freeing me from some obligations, but still, until January the 9th, I won’t get back to normal, and I know it will take me some time to readapt.

Anyway, hope you’ve started 2012 great, and whatever you’ve done these days, to be worth.

Despite the first complaining lines of this post, I don’t regret anything done the past days, starting 2012 surrounded by great friends, celebrating the New Year at the Hellhouse, made me immensely merry, and last Saturday night was a blast, from top to bottom, from the starters to the moment I crushed on my bed completely wasted at 7AM. Aaaah!

Lack of plans and a hangover that was actually smoother than expected, made me wake up already in the afternoon. I was a bit dazed and disoriented, because although I’m a night owl, don’t sleep too much and seldom wake up later that 10-11. Anyway, after feeding with some of the leftovers (I ‘ve brought all the stuff to the office today, and there was plenty of food for all of us)m taking an ibuprofen, and getting my head clearer, I started to think of all this traditions and special things people do on this day.

I’m not making commitments to myself, just want good things from past year to go on, and whatever this year brings, let’s hope it’s positive and worthy. Yes, I wanna give up smoking and do some exercise, improve some habits and many other things, but this hasn’t to do with the new year.

Anyway, I’m diverting from the subject. I was trying to remember what I did one year ago, a bit messy start in the process of moving to my current  Hellhouse. I was quite anxious, trying to start from zero on my own, and forget about the previous tortuous events which had affected me greatly. I reckoned I had done something special to myself, which was to become my personal tradition, which, perhaps in the future, I might share with someone else (remember I still believe in love 😉 ), but I couldn’t recall what it was.

It was this pic posted by my friend Xavi on FB and the subsequent “conversation”, what brought me back to that day.

I watched the Holy Trilogy of star Wars. Hell yeah! Couldn’t be other way!

Once this discovered, there was only one more thing to recover as my personal ritual. Music. And, is anything better that starting the year with your favorite album? I don’t think so, so I played it, I played Appetite for Destruction, and I felt, as we say in Spanish, like GOD!

I watched the 3 films in a row, and can’t really put into words how I felt. You must believe me when I reckon I discovered myself crying while watching certain scenes, and having goosebumps with the Imperial March. It’s amazing I’m still experiencing such emotions after so many years and so many reviews. Really, what kind of person would I be without Star Wars? Han, Leia, Darth Vader, R2-D2, Luke, Hoth system, Tattooine, the Death Star, Tie Fighters…they all are part of my life.

You see? At the end of the day I don’t need much to feel happy, and I’m glad to have assured my personal New Year’s day traditions. Therefore, if you wanna know what I’ll be doing in a year, remember what I’ve just told, and give me a call if you wanna join. Certain traditions are not to die.

Happy New Year, friends!


George Lucas is still squeezing money from our pockets and we’ll be catching the bait once and once again… with pleasure, of course.

Now that the complete saga has been released in Blu-Ray, seems that we’re about to be bombed with new amazing collector items. I’ve seen amazing stuff later, unavailable to Spanish die hard fans for the moment.

Last news is that Moleskine and Lucas have joined and just released a limited edition of notebooks. What a blast!

I’m a girl, and as such, I’m in love with stationary items. And you know Star Wars has been ruling my world since I was 4. Thus of course The Dark Side notebook had to be mine eventually.

Today, I’ve spent afternoon with a close friend of mine, Arantza. I had to do some errands and she’s accompanied me to a store. I wanted to check whether these notebooks were sold, but they were not. Guessed  I’d have to buy it through Moleskine website, so I was planning to order one sometime soon.

It’s not necessary anymore. My dad has found it in a mega store. He knew I wanted it and just felt like buying me one. What can I say? First, it’s been an amazing surprise. Presents for no apparent reason and completely unexpected are the best. This has really moved me. And my parents, I believe they’re still in shock because of my reaction. I was shouting and jumping of happiness.

Thus, if anyone is interested, check the site, main local mega stores, and go for it, write whatever and be the possessor of the coolest notebook on Earth.


At this point most of you know that I’m truly in love with HAN SOLO. He’s THE man for me, funny, tough and brave, I’d rather say impulsive, yet a bit stupid, and tender.

 I know it’s silly to admit your type of man is a character of a movie, but since I was a kid I’ve always had the same feeling. Besides, there are so many assholes in this world sometimes it’s better to have an icon in your life and make up your own movie in your head.
Anyway, and forgetting I’d marry him, as a huge fan of Star Wars, I find Solo one of the finest characters in the old Trilogy. Everything surrounding him is pure charisma, from his clothes to the Millenium Falcon, even his mate Chewacca (what a Wookie!!).
His attitude is pure rock, he’s not to keep cool under at anytime because he’s not a Jedi knight, dark side does not affect him. He’s a loser, his spaceship is almost ruined, owes money to Jabba the Hut, and makes his living smuggling goods through the Empire, yet he projects high self-confidence and his attitude is very cocky.
Han Solo is the anti-hero, he doesn’t care much about the Empire, and doesn’t feel sympathy towards the rebel movement either. He’s never been trained for fighting, and light sabers and Jedi tradition are just bullshit. He’s peeing on the values and basics of Star Wars, yet in the end, he wins the girl, becomes respectable and a prominent figure, and if you think about it, he just involves himself into this epic, firstly for money, and then for friendship and love.

Personal favorite moments are his introduction at the canteen, discussing terms of the business with Ben Kenobi, ignoring hysteric young Skywalker, and of course, prior to becoming carbonite figure, when Leia farewells him saying she loves him, and he replies “I know”. OMG!!! There’s a story behind this scene. No sentence meaningful enough fitted for that tense moment, in which they reveal the audience they’re actually in love, there were many repetitions until it was Harrison Ford himself who improvised the reply…the most Solo’s moment ever. I think he got the point and it was a success.

When I was a kid I used to end up crying with this scene, I thought I’d never seen him again. Han Solo cannot die!!

Once this said, if you ever fell in love with Toi, would you marry dressed up like Han Solo? 🙂