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Feel the good hit of Summer

Hi friends!

Sorry for being so absent here. In case you are wondering this spring has been one of the craziest and most exciting seasons in the last 5 years. Absolutely insane! Lots of shows, events, affairs, booze and euphoria.


I’ve just come back from a ten day break, during which I’ve attended Azkena Rock Festival in Vitoria, my favorite festival ever, and spent a whole week at my parents’ detoxing and chilling out. I could have written something but didn’t bring my computer this time, so I’ve been surfing the net but in very low profile. I’ll try to tell you a bit about the festival, which has been amazing, not only for the great bands I’ve had the chance to see, such as L7, Kvelertak, Red Fang or DGeneration, but also for the tons of fun I’ve shared with my beloved friends. The older I get, the more fun I have. Whenever I think I cannot enjoy more, something happens and everything turns into a wild party. Awesome, really.

I’ve been listening to some new releases but I’m totally hooked to Faith No More last album, Sol Invictus, listening to it obsessively. I’ll tell you about it in my next post.

Summer is here and it’s super hot. In fact, for the first time in ages I’m sort of tanned, and I’ve even been bought a swim suit and have gone to the pool. What’s going on with me? am I crazy? I think the Van Halen’s Panama spirit has invaded my body and soul, and I’m in the mood of fun. Got lots of work waiting for me at the office tomorrow, but, who cares? As long as there’s a cold beer waiting for me somewhere, everything will be alright in the end.


Whatever you do these months I hope you enjoy as much as you can, because, dear friends, there’s only one life, it’s too damn short, and winter is always round the corner.


Summer, FEET and Phobia.

Phobia [ˈfəʊbɪə]


noun: phobia; plural noun: phobias

an extreme or irrational fear of or aversion to something.

“she suffered from a phobia about birds”

synonyms: abnormal fear, irrational fear, obsessive fear, fear, dread, horror, terror,dislike, hatred, loathing, detestation, distaste, aversion, antipathy, revulsion, repulsion;

Summertime. Apparently the best season in the year, or at least we’ve been brought up and educated in this belief, as it’s associated to good weather, holidays and fun. This should be my summer 25 years ago, but not anymore.


In my case it is mainly marked by the peak season in my job, with work overload, the absence of holidays on behalf of colleagues who have couples and families and want or have to go on vacation in July or August. I’m usually broke thanks to IRS (basterds!), mosquitoes bite the hell out of me, humidity and hot weather in Barcelona is a shit and my forelock disappears forcedly, but trying to look at the right side of life, I’m still glad I have air conditioning at work. It is a relief, for real. There’s nobody here in August because everybody is on holidays, and there are not shows to attend either. I don’t get bored though, don’t think Barcelona is kind of jail in August, but let’s say that my country stops routine for 4-6 weeks, and no matter how I keep acting normal, somehow also affects me.

Honestly I’m positive when I admit it’s not my favorite season anymore, yet I can cope with that quite decently even though I’m complaining in excess to make this more dramatic. It is not the above mentioned situation what really makes me feel pissed off with this season. There’s one thing that actually makes me hate summer and the world more than any other:


Almost bare feet everywhere. Flip-flops and  sandals are not so weird in Barcelona due to the weather, in fact, I’d say many people try to wear half the year if possible, something I find totally exaggerated to be honest.

bare feet

People footwear shouldn’t be of my concern and I shouldn’t give a shit about this, but believe me, a tube trip of 6 stops is enough to make me feel like vomiting sometimes after being mistreated by the sight of terrible deformed bared aliens threatening me in my peaceful way to somewhere. Arggggh!

Has it ever occurred to you that you discover something abhorrent but you cannot keep the eye out of it so your stomach starts aching, your repulsion is even reflected in your face and you’d just love to go towards the human being and tell them how disgusting motherfucker he or she is? Well, similar situations I’m experiencing most of the times I catch a train, as I’m surrounded by many ugly feet with deformed toes, rotten nails, and disgusting corns. We can leave aside the subject of smelly feet, so classic in summer too, huh?

And I always wonder the same. How the fuck do you dare going out with such monstrosity at public glance? Ain’t you ashamed? How can you be so calm while you’re torturing my poor eyes? Sometimes I dream awake of being myself some sort of Feet Enforcer…

Check the beginning on this post with the definition of Phobia and think of the story I’m telling you and you will find the perfect example of extreme aversion. Yeah, that is me!

I don’t regard my feet as horrible, but I’ve always find the strange lack of proportion between my quite big piggy toe and the rest of small and rigid ones quite weird, and since I started wearing sneakers and Doc Martens at 14-15 I started not feeling very comfy showing them. Also I used to hate my mum cutting my nails when I was a kid and got very very anxious and tense when someone touched my toes. Have you watched Kill Bill? Do you remember when Beatrix Kiddo wakes up from years in coma and has to work on recovering the mobility of her legs, feet and toes for hours? I suffer with that scene.

kiddo feet

My obsession has been gradually increasing, especially in the years I had a boyfriend with the hugest feet I’ve ever seen (QUITE smelly and excessively delicate too, he was complaining aaaaaall the fuckin’ time). Moreover, I guess he projected his feet obsessions, pains and concerns (and phobia) on me, so I developed this extreme dislike. He was also quite a world hater, lucky I’ve been into people too much as to fall under his anti-social influence.

Thus nowadays I can only stand baby feet, really decent feet,or close and old friends’, mainly female, of course. Even my male best friend share some of this feet shyness and I never seen his feet at full either. Those apparent enjoyable pleasures such as pedicure or a foot massage (Mia Wallace, how can you stand it without breaking anyone’s jaw with a kick?) are completely out of question.

Should I go to a shrink to overcome this phobia? Maybe, but as far as I’m concerned I’m not willing to invest the few dough I have in being gentle to disgusting feet of unknown people. I feel lucky for having a phobia which doesn’t affect much to my daily living, but being this a stupid example, try to think of something more serious. Frightening, huh?


I’m very sorry for not posting as often as the previous months. Believe me it doesn’t have to do with lack of inspiration nor motivation, it’s pure and simply a matter of logistics.

One of the greatest achievements of modern era has been the invention of air conditioning systems, however, I live in a rented flat and I’m not in the mood of investing in the installation of one of those machines yet.

Truth is most of summer there are nice air currents passing through so I don’t have to worry much and the heat is eased, but now it’s mid-end of August, and heat combined with high percentage of humidity is just unbearable. Temperatures over 30ºC (+/-  86-95F) are kicking us on a daily basis, and living by the sea, makes my low pressure drops so much I feel dizzy and tired most of time. Approaching my computer for more than half an hour straight is Hell. I cannot concentrate, start sweating and consequently start getting nervous and uncomfortable.

This week is being particularly rough on this regard, because there’s a conflict of effects related to the heat: I am so dizzy I want to sleep but on the other hand I can sleep tight I’m unable to sleep tight due to this warm weather.

Well, I’m in this stage when summer is over for me, and  just want to get back to normal.

Summer excesses are eventually noticeable. I’ve gained weight. Beers, tapas, cocktails, ice-creams…summer is the season of self-indulging and things get out of control, moreover if you’re not working and you quit smoking some months ago. The effects have been devastating, and my self-esteem has dropped some points.

I have this self defense behavior which automatically starts at a certain point I don’t feel I can reach lower than my current situation. This can be applied to any field in my life. I’m at this point I need to work, I want to lose weight, and I need some radical changes, and have to take measures.

The fact that it happens at the end of August makes me think of the same feeling I had when holidays were over and you had to focus on going back to school.

The engines are starting for what September might bring. For the first time this year I reckon everything is gonna be alright, and I have this strong premonition or feeling that  my luck is gonna change, in a positive way. I’m finger crossed.

In order to keep on the right track and enhance my belief, I also have to do something on my own, which will meet other facts or elements for good things start happening.

On one hand I’ve started stretching every morning and spend 30-40 minutes a day in doing some home exercise with music, no matter that I sweat like a dog here, I’m watching my meals trying not to abuse much on trash food, quit drinking to reasonable levels (It’s still Summer, friends gather for some beers…), go out for walks in the evening so I can also take pictures, and in order to find a job quickly, I’ve started networking and approaching as many contacts in my field as possible, so the word that I’m available is spread.

Let’s see what the outcome is…

There’s a popular sentence here which more or less says, you gotta get the horns of the bull. It means you have to face the roughest so you can get everything under control. Well, I’m trying. If you got any suggestion which might fit in my current stage of self-improvement, I’m all ears, and good will.

Oh, by the way! I forgot to share with you my summer playlist, Long and Hot Summer. Hope you like it!

Thanks for being there!


Do you really know your city? Have you ever visited the most emblematic monuments and buildings (school visits do not count)? I don’t think so.

It doesn’t matter where you live, all places have something worth discovering. A town or a city, as long as they have a story behind, are potential attractions.

Zaragoza, my hometown, is growing bigger and more populated every day, and It seems that I’m acquainted with many remarkable places, both touristic or just for locals only, but still there are many things to discover, and some to recover. Getting to know these places also bring me closer to the history of the city, and forgetting about those endless lessons learnt by heart at school, Zaragoza is absolutely attractive on this regard. Many cultures left their fingerprint in the shape of ruins, walls, churches, palaces…

I’ve been living in Barcelona for more than 8 years now, and despite the fact that I’ve got to know most of the most popular locations, there’s endless fun on the streets. Old buildings in beautiful facades located in Eixample areas, parks, private houses, gardens, beaches…

Believe it or not, I haven’t seen the insides of Casa Batlló, nor Sagrada Familia cathedral. I know, that shouldn’t be tolerated, and for that reason, I’ve decided to become a tourist, while I’m still unemployed.

The idea came out last week, when my friend Arantza was here visiting me for few days. She hadn’t planned anything but admitted she wasn’t too familiar with the city. We didn’t take any subway, and moved by walking all the time, thus we approached several monuments, buildings and cathedrals, visited popular neighbors, and took pictures.

The only cons of my plans are that we are in the middle of the peak season, which means the city is packed with tourists, and also heat striking with humidity is almost unbearable. Still, I’m fully motivated, and have plans of covering different aspects.

Therefore The starting point were the walks I went for with my friend Arantza, and Gràcia fests, and visiting Montjuïc fonts, cemetery and castle, are my next targets, hopefully to be accomplished within this week.

If motivation was there, it’s just happened something which has definitely encouraged me to go on with my photography project. I uploaded some pictures last night, and even though theey were mostly captures of buildings, I thought of adding a couple of shots of street art, which I adore.

One hour ago I received a message regarding this capture a girl saw on Flickr, asking for permission to publish it on Enzo and Nio FB page. What can I say? I feel very flattered.

I’m not a pro, I don’t even shoot in RAW yet, and my photo gear is quite limited, however I got time, I love observing things, and right now, I got plenty of time. It’s easier to take pictures with your mobile device and then upload them on IG, but we all know quality is not the same. From here I encourage you to take your cameras with you (you can carry your compact with you anytime), and stop the world for a second when you see something whose image is worth keeping for good. You’ll be glad in the future, because it’ll bring you nice memories.

And one more thing. Whenever we go out of the city, to a town, a beach, the countryside, the mountains, overseas, or wherever, we take pictures of things we find fascinating because we are in the mood and we’re open to welcome any experience and stimulation… well, you can find those just 50m from home. And remember, the best postcards from a city are the stamps you recreate.


You know I’ve been living in Barcelona for more than 8 years now. Many people think I’m lucky for many reasons, and I agree in terms of culture and entertainment, because there are plenty of exhibitions and live shows available. I’m not accurately counting how many gigs I attend a year, but I wouldn’t exaggerate if reckoning around 25.

Some others think that, because Barcelona is full of foreign people throughout the year, I’m meeting different people all the time. Wrong! I don’t complain about my busy social life, nor the people I’m getting acquainted with lately, but I’m not meeting Swedish nor American guys on a weekly basis. Tourists hang out at touristic joints, residents are regular at other venues, and at the end of the day, most of them are students and tend to meet people in their same age, even same nationality. This is not the paradise of foreign people available for your pleasure.

And finally, the beach. I hate when people think I’m so privileged  for having the beach available in the same city. My question is, those who say that, have you ever been to Barceloneta beach? No? Then I beg you shut the fuck up. The most popular beaches in the city are filthy locations packed with people around and constant illegal street vendors bothering. Sand is full of cigarette butts and crap, water is contaminated and looks horrifying and the endless feeling of lack of safety due to the presence of unpleasant characters watching for bounties, make of the experience, one of the worst in Barcelona.

These situations and places have contributed to my disgust for this summer free entertainment. I’m not interested in going to the beach, nor swimming in the sea, and even less, spending my time in sunbathing. Having enjoyed of a private swimming pool for years at my parents’ building, I don’t have patience for enduring unknown people surrounding me, nor having to keep an eye on my stuff.

Of course there are exceptions… believe it or not, I spent one week in Dominican Republic 8 years ago, and needless to say Caribbean sea and its beaches are the closest thing to Paradise I’ve ever seen in my entire life.

All these things considered, I was invited to spend some days at one of my best friend’s summer house, one hour away from Barcelona by train. She only asked me for being in the mood of spending some time on the beach, and because I wanted to be with here, and she promised not to punish me with endless sessions, I accepted her proposal.

Last time I went to the beach it was 2 years ago, when I was working for a company and the office was nearby so that we used to take the cars and go to the beach for lunch. My last swim was 3 years ago in Cambrils, and it was a quick one. I haven’t spent much in bikinis nor sunscreen lotion in the last years, as you can see, and my legs are as pale as a vampire’s.

Well, armed with a parasol, covered with very high protection cream, I’ve gone to the beach for 3 days in a row. Each exposure hasn’t lasted an eternity, and has ended with a visit to the beach stall, rewarded with a cold beer, but yeah! I’ve made it, and I’ve actually enjoyed it very much. No concerns of being stolen, no hurries, enough vital space as not to feel invaded by other people, great chats and the best company.

You should have seen me swimming, the feelings were pleasant yet weird… I can get the idea of a kid from Kazakhstan, experiencing going to the beach for the first time in his life. I felt a bit like a freak.

Total disconnection and detachment from routines and real world. Everything’s been so relaxing, now I’m back in the city after these 3 days I feel kinda stressed by dense traffic, annoying noise and people bothering everywhere.

Nevertheless, when my friends were reckoning they’d be able to live like that for a long time, I realized that, regardless many inconveniences, I love living in the city and, beyond 3-5 days, so  much quietness would kill me. I need chaos, noise and action, so badly, as soon as I arrived home, I’ve gone out for a ride on my motorbike. I’m a city dweller.

Once this obstacle has been overcome, let’s see how long it takes me to come back. Any bets?  😉