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El Camino is finally here! The official release date was December the 7th, but one week before it leaked. I got this album preordered for a month and a half, but once I heard it was available on the net, I HAD to listen to it.

And that’s what I did last week, I listened to it any time I could.

This time the guys from Akron deliver a more rockin’ album, very groovie, which easily can make you feel like dancing. Full of chorus, more distortion, and faster rhythms make a difference comparing to their previous work, Brothers.

There are already voices against it, supporting the idea that the spark and freshness are gone, being more inclined towards commercial interests, and focused on capturing most audience. Based only on the single released and opening song, Lonely Boy, this could be perfectly right, however in the times we’re currently living, and considering this band should be labeled as rock, very garage and soul influenced, if looking for massive sales, this is total nonsense. We’re not in the early 90’s anymore, when bands such as Guns n’ Roses, Pearl Jam or Metallica, were occupying top positions in charts. Will they get Grammy’s? No doubt about it.

It’s inevitable to establish comparisons with their previous work. I haven’t stopped to think which album I like most, but sure there’s a remarkable difference. You know I love Brothers a lot, guess it was like much darker, but this El Camino has super hits which won’t leave you indifferent: the already mentioned Lonely Boy, Run Right Back, Dead and Gone, and Gold on the Ceiling are sure to be the kings of the rock clubs this season.

2011 best album charts are starting to be in every music lover’s mind, and I’m really curious to see the results, already reckoning El Camino will be top 5 for many. I wanted it now I got it, and if you trust me, I can tell you I haven’t been disappointed at all.


It’s weird first I got acquainted with Dan Auerbach in 2009, with his solo album Keep It Hide. He was confirm to play at Azkena Rock Festival and felt like giving him a chance after reading many good reviews, and his album being praised in music forums. The album is really cool and the show was a blast. I was so ignorant of his career with The Black Keys, when I got the chance to talk to him, he surely thought I was an asshole…gotta say I was pretty wasted in that moment, he wasn’t precisely the most outgoing person, and the conversation was kind of stupid. The funniest thing was that we asked him about coming back to Europe for touring in small venues and he told us about his band…we hadn’t any clue what he was talking about and thought it was just a project, so we wished him good luck. My God!

The two most outstanding features I found in Auerbach were his voice and the lyrics, I find them particularly cool, I really like what he says, thus probably because of these and because sometimes one album is not enough and you need more, I started nosing into his stuff with The Black Keys.

It was Attack and Release the starting point, and then I went on with Magic Potion, but to be honest, I basically focused on the first.

And then Brothers came into my life.

I was a bit reluctant to listen to it, as their increasing popularity forced the idea in my mind that Auerbach and Patrick Carney had sold his souls to the mainstream for commercial success, but eventually I ended up listening to the album, and dears, how wrong I was, in my opinion, and admitting I do not control their complete discography, it’s their best work.

Samples reminding of 70’s soul stuff, amazing lyrics and a particular sound make this album very special. True, everything has been already discovered and invented, yet they have been able to find their own identity, and you can recognize them anytime. So easy listening anyone can feel close to it, the guys from Akron have managed to convince me they’re not another hype.

Brothers include 15 tracks, and I could name all of them, cause don’t find any of them for filling purposes, they are not expendable at all. Next Girl, Howlin’ For You, The Only One, Never Gonna Give You Up…I don’t know which one I prefer over all.

Thus, I spent listening to Brothers close to the obsession last week, and I just can say this damn album is brilliant.

I’ve read somewhere they’ve already finished their seventh album. This time I’m counting the days to listen to it, if it’s as half as good as Brothers, that’ll be fine.

You want a sample of what I’m talking about? here is the video of Tighten Up, teah, their videos are pretty cool too!


My apologies for pouring my hormonal rage episode last week, when talking about radio and general music taste, it wasn’t my week at all. Certain things altogether can bring out my dark side, hahaha! No regrets regarding the message, I still mean what I said, truth is could have been told in a better way though.

Today has been totally different, despite it was local holiday and I’ve been working on watch. i don’t feel like going to work when the day arrives, but I reckon it’s worth, because I advance lots of stuff without being interrupted with stupid phone calls or incidences.

Yet, the best of working on a local holiday day, apart from the two extra days I add to my vacation calendar, is that I bring my own CD’s to the office, and believe it or not, I get much more concentrated and focused on what I’m doing, plus I don’t have that frequent feeling of boredom and waste. I feel fine no matter how much work I have to do.

Sergio is my best pal at work, and I think we’re becoming good friends. Let’s say he’s my soul mate for 8 hours, 5 days a week. Although we have different points of view regarding stuff, and different musical taste, it’s true he’s the one I can share most of my passions with, you know, we can comment on films, music, experiences…we’re different, but have quite much in common.

As we had to work together today, and because he’s more open minded regarding music than the rest of people and he’s into metal, I’ve brought very different CD’s. Despite what I said the other day, I’m very respectful towards people’s taste in music, thus I never play too noisy stuff, but just the opposite, selection is of the quietest type.

But as Sergio was the one to swallow my session, I knew he’s more tolerant and up to harder stuff.

We haven’t played all the CD’s but here is what we’ve been listening to, while dealing with our containers, space issues in vessels, and incidences with China, Indonesia and other places  :O

BIG STAR – #1. This has been my latest discovery and I’m totally hooked to it. I’ll tell you about it later, as finally it’s become the album of the week, but as a quick introduction, I’ll tell you these guys are told to be the pioneers in power pop style.

STEVE EARLE – EL CORAZON. The hard-core troubadour is amazing, Earle is a rock n’ roll outlaw for real, he did jail time, has been playing with drugs real hard, and  married 7 times. You can label his style as country, folk, bluegrass…this guy’s lyrics have something to say. El Corazon is a MUST.

THE BLACK KEYS – BROTHERS.  This is modern stuff, don’t know how to define it. Pop? Alternative? I thought these guys from Akron were a temporary hype, but cannot deny I’m changing my mind and find their stuff very enjoyable. Dan Auerbach’s voice is particular and very special, I love it.

RYAN ADAMS – 29. 8th album delivered by my favorite music workaholic, I’m specially delighted with it and listening to it on a daily basis. If only clones of Ryan Adams were sold, I’d be the happiest person in the world, singing for me these beautiful songs. 29 is magic and compiles many of his finest songs. Strawberry Wine, Carolina Rain, Blue Sky Blues…whenever I listen to this album I wish I was in love with someone.

THE GASLIGHT ANTHEM – THE ’59 SOUND. I’ve talked enough about this album. Obviously I love it, huh?

THE WILDHEARTS – EARTH VS. THE WILDHEARTS. I reckon this is my favorite album together with The Wildhearts. Their debut album is one hit after another, every riff is a pleasure, every rhythm change is wonderful. Everlone, My Baby is a Headfuck, Greetings from Shitsville, News of the World… there’s no song here expendable.

I was worried Sergio would eventually get tired of my music, but surprisingly, not only he’s been asking me about the bands I was playing, showing interest and commenting as we were listening, so I could provide some feedback too, but he’s asked me to lend him stuff of The Wildhearts. Hell yeah! Whenever someone follows my suggestions and ends up enjoying and liking them, I feel like the queen of the world, and not because I believe myself to be any kind of guru, but because I’ve manage to share my passion for something as to someone becoming passionate too. So, Sergio, probably you’ll read this, thus right here I warm welcome to The Wildhearts’ world! I know you’ll end up loving them, hahaha!

You see? There’s nothing like working in good atmosphere and comfortable. Hours have gone really fast, and to be honest, I think I’ve been more productive than any other day last week, so boss…let me play my stuff from time to time, and you’ll have a happy worker by your side 🙂