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You think I had forgotten about my weekly musical recommendation? No way! Gotta apologize though, for being so late, but considering Easter holidays and all the activities occupying much of my time, plus other posts written, this delay is admissible.
To be honest, I’ve been wondering about the album of the week quite often, changing my mind a lot, mainly due to my vinyl fever of the latest days, recovering albums such as Vol. 4, Grande Rock, Too Much Too Soon, or So Alone, among many others.
Eventually my ears  appointed The Damned debut album, Damned Damned Damned, as the chosen one.
Curiously, I don’t usually listen to this band very often. There’s no certain reason for that, because whenever I do it, I always think they’re a great band, I’d dare say I prefer them over Sex Pistols no less.

Believe it or not, I associate them to good past memories. They were the first band I saw at a venue right after moving to London back in 1998, and the show was one of the wildest and funniest I’ve ever seen, due to audience completely mental, throwing full cans of beers, people jumping onto stage, everybody singing crazy…it was awesome! I was the typical Spanish dupe, flipping and thinking, where the fuck am I? I’ve seen The Damned 3 times, and definitely Dave Vanian is a cool frontman. Remember him dressed up as a doctor, giving latex surgical gloves to everyone…hahaha
Why Damned Damned Damned? I was in very good mood last week, full of energy, and this album is pure adrenaline. Starting with those powerful bass lines, Neat Neat Neat is another punch in the face. They’re wild and this album positive proves it.
Songs such as New Rose or Stab your Back are for me classic punk anthems I’ve been listening for many many years, and never get tired of them. They’re cool!
This was one of the first vinyls I’ve bought this year, and for my amusement and pleasure, the other day discovered it was plain opaque…love it!

Thus, if you wanna feel wild, shout, jump or just do air guitar at home, this could be a good album.


I knew upcoming Easter was gonna be a blast. What I couldn’t imagine was that the party would start yesterday…and honestly, it was a blast. Nothing really outstanding, just four old close friends gathered having few beers…or so we thought. Can’t recall how many I had, but I reckon as for the increasing tone of our conversations they were many. Couldn’t stop laughing for 5 minutes!

So today, here I am recovering from a massive hangover.

I have two kinds of hangover: the deppresive one, not feeling like doing anything but laying on the couch in a vegetative stage usually accompanied with a feeling of sadness or nostalgia, and the cheerful one, being very pro-active, listening to music and feeling great for the night before.

Fortunately I’m passing through the second one, with the thought that tonight is also gonna be amazing, with the dj’n session and surrounded by several friends who have confirmed their assistance.

Having such positive expectations and being in high spirits despite the awful weather outside, I’ve spent the morning playing vinyls out loud.

Gotta admit there’s been another target, apart from giving me a treat. There are a bunch of skaters in the flat next door, spending the week on holidays, making lot of noise, breaking glass bottles and shouting all the bloody time. Today they’re bored, they cannot skate for the asphalt is wet and it’s raining, and no matter you might think I’m a bitch, now it’s my time for revenge and it’s my way to say: fuck you, assholes! I’m gonna try you hardly can sleep this morning.

The soundtrack for today, only in vinyl, has been this:

  • BADMOTORFINGER – SOUNDGARDEN (yellow vinyl, hypnotic)
  • DAMNED DAMNED DAMNED – THE DAMNED  (OMG, vinyl in blue!)

There’s still a long evening ahead, and I gotta prepare all the stuff for the session, so I think I will play some more blackies…I’m so glad when I see them spinning!