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January 8th, one of my favorite celebration days as you already know. On this day long ago Elvis Presley, David Bowie and my granny were born. I love this date casualty, makes me happy, even though both Elvis and my grandma are no longer here.

I have to work, but my plan is to spend my spare time paying homage to The King, with music and probably watching one of his films, or a documentary.

Of course, a post related couldn’t be missed, thus this year I’ve thought of 13 facts about Elvis Presley, so you can know him better.


1. November 1955, Sam Phillips sold Elvis‘ contract to RCA for USD 35000
2. Heartbreak Hotel, released in January 27th 1956, was the first Elvis single to sell over a million copies
Heartbreak Hotel
3. The NBC Elvis Special which turned to be his praised ’68 Comeback Special,  was initially planned to be a Christmas show
Elvis '68 Comeback
4. In Mogadishu, Somalia, it is illegal impersonating Elvis without a beard.
5. Elvis’ favorite aftershave: BRUT
6. Elvis Sandwich (aka Fool’s Gold Loaf) was stuffed with peanut butter and banana, (bacon and honey were optional)
peanut butter banana sandwich
7. In order to fulfill contractual obligation, Elvis released “Having Fun with Elvis on Stage” in 1974, which basically consisted on a compilation of jokes and speeches recorded from Elvis’ shows
8. After a big argument with Priscilla, Elvis caught the first flight to anywhere just to get away from her. First to Washington, then to LA, where Jerry Schilling came to pick him up. Elvis finally got the idea of  paying an unscheduled visit to Nixon at the White House, after wrote him a letter on a plane, in order to be made Federal Agent-at-Large” in the Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs and thus get this badge to add to his collection. He finally made it. I bet Nixon was flipping in the Oval Office.
Elvis meets Nixon
9. Elvis was black belt in Karate, and wanted to release a documentary to promote this discipline. He started practising in Germany and became passionate on this discipline. He thought a movie would support and encourage the practise of karate, but footage was never edited when Elvis was alive. However there’s a documentary, Gladiators, released 2-3 years ago, in an attempt to recover Elvis’ initial project. By the way, Priscilla, who also ended up practising karate left The King for their instructor.
Elvis and Ed Parker
10. Jailhouse Rock was the first video ever made in history.
Jailhouse Rock
11. Since he was very young, he suffered from chronic sleeping disorders and insomnia. His Army time in Germany got things worse, as due to manoeuvres, trainings and guards, he started taking pills (uppers and downers) beyond control.
12. The King hated fish. Ha! So do I.
13. Priscilla suggested Elvis to wear jumpsuits on stage so he would move freely withouth breaking pants. Liberace alse advised to make them flashy.
elvis pose


There’s never enough with Elvis here in Since My Baby Left Me. I’ve developed one of the strongest crushes on him in the past decade. I simply LOVE HIM, his voice, his music, the character, The King, the human being and his addictive personality. Impossible to get tired.

For the second year, I feel the need to write few lines in order to commemorate the 35th anniversary of his death. It’s not a happy date, but it’s important enough as to have the most legitimate excuse for listening to some of his albums, watch some movies and perhaps some documentaries.  In fact the day has started with the ’68 Comeback Special in CD.

35 years and Elvis is still alive in our hearts. There hasn’t been such a powerful character as him, and of course there hasn’t been any replacement, not even Michael Jackson played on the same league. The Tupelo guy was over the top.

As I commented a year ago, it’s weird and surprising to feel sympathetic towards someone I never got to know. I live in the same world Elvis did for less than a year, and wasn’t conscious when he passed away, however every August 16th I have to remember.

Many articles, biographies, statements coming from members of his entourage, acquaintances and relatives, documentaries have made Elvis came out of the closet to public analysis, becoming an icon far beyond his fabulous appearance, and the greatness of the American dream he managed to accomplish, from rags to riches.

Elvis is, or better said, was, a human being after all, and many of us feel him closer to our livings. He was moody, insecure, low self-esteemed sometimes, generous, tender, hard worker, responsible, carefree, fussy, erratic, charming, focused, cheater, grateful, humble, proud… He wasn’t a happy-go-lucky man. Elvis suffered.  Gladys’ loss was something he was never able to overcome, and this left a mark on him for good.

It’s surprising the reaction of people remembering The King. Even media has covered the anniversary, however, as a musical journalist I follow on Twitter has said, it’s sad the great majority only thinks of him as the rockstar, the kitsch jumpsuits, the swinging of the hips, and the drugs abuse .

The cultural phenomenon Elvis meant worldwide, and his musical legacy, are out of question. He brought black gospel to world, and was a pioneer in new sounds and musical styles. Always in a quest for quality in compositions, because he just wanted the best for his audience.

But hey! I just wanted to write a few lines, didn’t aim to write a statement defending what Elvis means to me. He just means a lot to me, in fact, he’s the embodiment of my passion for music, subjective, passionate and sometimes irrational and excessive. I love Elvis the same way I love and respect music. With all my heart.