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Bought this album exactly one year ago at a Vinyl Fair here in Barcelona. Remember when I found it, a guy next to me asked me if I wasn’t interested to tell him right away, full of envy. Sorry man, I took it, and am very glad about it.

I think first stuff I listened wasn’t when he was with The New York Dolls, but the classic L.A.M.F (Like a MotherFucker…that’s attitude!), my cousin recorded me on a tape when I was 18 or  so. Then, Jose, mi ex, introduced me into the world of The New York Dolls. But again, the music data base I used to be with, was a huge fan of the tender junkie, as I call Thunders.

So Alone was Thunders’ solo debut album, released in 1978, after recording LAMF with  The Heartbreakers, and combines classic rock, with punk, all songs with his personal and genuine taste.

When you put the needle and Pipeline starts sounding out loud, you immediately travel to New York late 70’s, and are able to visualize the scene of debauchery (love this word), full of booze, trash, drugs and attitude. Wish I’d seen that! On the other hand, better not to, otherwise I’ll probably be dead or really fucked up by now, hahahah!

Right after this intro, a classic, the hit, You Can’t Put Your Arms Around a Memory. Enough said, with such starters it’s impossible the rest is bad. Several covers, Thunders at his craziest with Leave Me Alone…these past 2-3 weeks, whenever I’ve played this album I’ve been repeating at least 3 times, it’s magic.

I also bought Hurt Me not long time ago, and gotta start studying it properly, although as far as I can remember it’s darker and more down spirited, yet marvelous. Anguish and pain are two mood states that come to my mind when I remember it, plus I also discovered in  personal time of confusion full of swelling. I’ll tell you about it in the future, for sure.

Johnny Thunders was classic rock at heart, but too trashy and talented as to play standard. He was excess and lived in excess…he was unique!