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First things first. Once and for all, I’ve decided to start getting this blog live, poor shit has been abandoned for many reasons, the most important one is that the initial idea was to overcome the end of my relationship, but I think this is a very personal part in my life the world does not need to be bored with, plus I was reeeeally sad and could have been very depressing to re-read in the future.

My life has changed a lot in the last six months and now I’m enjoying my new single status quite a lot, therefore I’ve decided this to become more an entertainment, talking about music, weird stuff in my day a day and things I just feel like to talk about.

Some might wonder why I write in English, as I’m already doing it with Popcorn and Movies…I feel the need to practice, and sometimes I can express myself better like this, believe it or not, for me English is THE language.

As many of you (I don’t think you’ll be a lot, to be honest) should know, basically there are three main interests in my life: music, movies, books and photos, so I guess you’ll find a lot related in here.

Today I feel like linking a video of one of my favorite bands, Fun Lovin’ Criminals. This is Too Hot, from Welcome to Poppy’s album, released in 2003. It’s actually been my ringtone for about 3 years, and never get tired of listening to it, in fact, I’m repeating it at least four times when walking to my office. It’s got groove, is sexy, and believe me, whenever I hear it, I just wanna dance.

Hope you like it