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When thinking of the show a tough sentence I heard not so long comes to my mind: what attracts you in the beginning, will disgust you in the end.

Too hard statement, but somehow it can reflect the contradictory feelings I got from Danko Jones’ show last night.

It had been 3 years since I hadn’t see Mr. Horchata on stage, at Azkena Rock Festival.

His, used to be reckless and powerful shows, full of energy and aggressiveness. 40 minute sets, putting audience on their knees. He was the guy opening for bands, which ended up being the real hero of the night.

It’s not that the Mango Kid is not aggressive anymore, but seems unsuitable for headlining accomplishing a performance of more than an hour without breaking the rhythm of the gig every two songs to make jokes and chat with people, repeating same speeches once and once again. Thus, you don’t feel totally involved in the gig, and end up thinking “shut up and play once and for all”. Believe me if I tell you some people yelled him to keep on playing. It happened.

Stops were killing the show. Even you could notice the audience eventually getting distracted, tired and chaos reigning at Apolo. We all started the show super excited, but many of us were thinking it should end before wasting time doing silly. It was really a pity, and I don’t feel good when saying this, but was even intolerable. There are other solutions in case you can’t accomplish a 75 minute show, as for instance, let the supporting band, The Biters, extend their show, or get another supporting band.

Another issue was the set list. It is true that mine can be a more subjective opinion, because I was more into his 3 first albums and ep’s, but considering he visited us one year ago supporting his last album, the selection of songs could be more varied. It’s like all of a sudden, those first hits were forbidden or forgotten, so we missed I Love Living in the City, Mango Kid, Sticky Situation, Love is Unkind… band’s anthems which shouldn’t have been dismissed. Instead we got Rock Shit Hot, Caramel City, Invisible, Dr. Evening, and Lovercall among others.

Style has changed lots, so has the audience, very young to my surprise. While riffs were more metal, songs were more melodic, not so rapping lyrics. The band sounded very strong and solid, and the drummer, Jeeez! He was a machine.

There were some songs introduced by other bands intros, Minus Celsius by Backyard Babies, and A Song for the Dead by QOTSA, and a too long opening medley jam with hits by Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin and even Kiss. I was watching the show with my friend Jaume, who was getting increasingly nervous and upset. It was like, you wanna play a cover? Do it, no problem at all, but in such way, didn’t make much sense.

A cover by The Supremes, My love Is Empty Without You, to close the show after 20 minute encore of squeezing the horchata joke, was enough. I don’t think I’ll repeat another of his shows in very long time. Disappointed was my state at the end of the night.


Yesterday after coming back home from buying two speakers for my new hi-fi equipment (yesss!),  I connected to the net, discovering the nice surprise that Cinderella will be back in Spain in June. Moreover, they’ll play in Barcelona  the 10th, and it will be on Friday, yeah!!!
Last year, the band offered just one show in Madrid, and for me was sort of an odyssey to move my ass to the big city, for I was working and couldn’t ask for a day off. Flight with delays caused by rain, I just spent 9 hours in Barcelona, four of them getting some rest. OMFG, that trip was close to a nightmare! Nevertheless, and what matters most, it’s that Cinderella offered an amazing show, and it’s great we can live same experience again.
To be honest, I’m not crazy about hard rock style, I have my fetish bands I adore, probably the most established and acknowledged, such as Guns n’ Roses, Mötley Crüe or Skid Row, but apart from few bands, I’ve never been into deepening in the style, there’s much crap hidden there, although I’m probably missing something.
I like Cinderella, yeah! I really like them, for me there are two essential albums they gifted the world with: Heartbreak Station and Long Cold Winter

Easy listening, tending to classic blues, and evolving away from bands such as Poison or Ratt,  Cinderella unfortunately always remained in second line, not being recognized enough. Still, here they are, touring and offering amazing shows, playing all the classics their fans get crazy about.

Give them a chance, forget all prejudice you might have (I was one of them, I tell you), and enjoy the evocative sounds which will take you to the roots of American music somehow.

To start with, here is one of my favorite songs, Shelter Me.

Hope you like it!

Before I forget, their tour dates in Spain:

9 Madrid @Riviera
10 Barcelona @ Razzmatazz
11 Bilbao @ Rock Star