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Tribute and cover bands are starting to become popular in Spain despite the fact of being quite underrated for their condition of playing stuff credited to bands, and the absence of the creative and uniqueness of a self made band.

Nevertheless these bands are quite demanded in Anglo-Saxon  countries for instance, in fact, as for my experience in UK, first bands to earn some wages were those ensuring a set list of cover hits, otherwise you had to guarantee the venues a minimum of X number of tickets to get a ridiculous percentage of the income.

I like tribute bands, especially when trying to emulate and impersonate the original ones. One of the funniest shows I’ve ever witnessed was in New York, September 2008, on a 500 capacity boat named Princess. Rocks Off offer these concert cruises, not only scheduling tribute bands such as Appetite for Destruction, the Guns N’ Roses tribute band I enjoyed, but also original bands such as Lucero, The Bronx or Spacehog. In case you go to Manhattan, I strongly recommend you to check their shows, because some are really worth attending.

This band I’ve mentioned  covered all GN’R album songs, fake Axl, who actually resemble a lot to the original one, also was constantly changing outfits and he even sat on a keyboard and had the guts to play and sing Estranged. It was hilarious yet well played, the band sounded pretty cool, tickets for the show were sold out, and everybody got super pissed and in party mood. Really, a night to remember. I ended up having shots of bourbon with the current Frisco air guitar champ at that time. Guess who!

Chaqueteros Rock (we could translate the name as Rock Turncoats) are a bunch of rock lovers and musicians, who have joined this project to offer a show on a monthly basis featuring a night paying tribute to rock, The Beatles, The Stones, Ramones nights of punk rock, glam rock, sleaze…

All of them have their own lives, responsibilities and families, thus it’s a great effort to manage to rehearse and learn a set list of 15 songs. There are noticeable mistakes and they are not the best musicians you might listen to, still it’s not a pure matter of quality, but just the amusing entertainment, and endless fun provided.

Chaqueteros Rock want the audience to interact, sing and participate of this great party which celebrates the greatness of rock.

Thus, Charly ’90 and his guys offered a crazy Kiss night on Friday, playing Parasite, Detroit Rock City, Love Gun, Lick It Up, I Stole You Love…and Shout It Out Loud. And this is what happened…

Guess you’ve noticed it’s me on backing vocals, yelling and jumping as if there was no tomorrow… Well, this is what happens when I’m given a mic, what can I say? I love it! 😉

*** Thanks Joaquin for this killing pic, I love it!