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The backlog of albums of the week I’m delayed is so shameful I’m not even gonna try to update all of them basically because I don’t have enough time and also because I don’t want to saturate the blog with at least 6 posts of albums at once, thus first accept my apologies, and second I will start with the current week we’re ending.  This is, week 45.

whales and leeches

I’m totally hooked to Whales And Leeches, the last album of Red Fang. To be honest I had heard some of their singles but never paid too much attention to them, but with their third album these guys from Portland have caught all my attention. Is this good or bad? I think it’s good, because my philosophy in terms of music don’t know about being late or early, but actually being there at some point. What I mean is, due to filters set, our personal circumstances or just because we do not have enough time to listen to everything we’re exposed to, there are tons of bands we just ignore. It’s not that we don’t like them, and I’m sure that there’re lots of bands which probably I’d love immediately but I can cope with everything.

This been said, I’d also like to remark that I hate people who regard themselves as gurus, proud of considering themselves to be the pioneers in certain styles or bands. I specifically mean those who see themselves as the real fans, and underestimate your taste and your mood for a band or album just because you’ve just discovered them, and see you as an impostor, and an intruder. I mean those who say “I knew them when they were cool and not the hype they’ve turn into”. Better for you, asshole, but please, save the lecture for others, I just wanna headbang now. And if you think I’m a hipster, it’s ok, I will take no offense on that.

I am late, but I’ve arrived, and I’m gonna stay as long as a band keeps me entertained and delivers good stuff. Sure I’ve missed great shows, but considering Red Fang has only 3 albums and have just visited Spain just a couple of times,  I reckon I still have a chance to see them.

red fang

Leaving the wannabe experts’ opinion aside, it’s true that some fans reckon this Whales and Leeches is far more accessible than the previous albums. I have no idea, and when I got time I will attack them. In the meantime I just can say this album goes straight to my top 10 releases of the year for being a rough, straight and powerful album.

You know, sometimes you listen to an album and you just want to grab a baseball bat and start smashing every obstacle in your way. Well, this is the effect and feeling Whales and Leeches inspire to me, and perhaps because I’m though a lot of stress at work, it helps me to divert my anger towards their music. Excessive in energy and anger, Red Fang are overwhelming and addictive, riffs are terrific and the rhythm of this album is reckless. ‘DOEN’, ‘No Hope’, ‘1516’, ‘This Animal’… I could mention the 11 cuts because there are no scraps, all of them keep the level really high, and the album as a whole is impressive.

Can’t wait to the seem playing next year with The Shrine. It’s gonna be awesome!

With my album of the week I do not try to preach anyone nor feel superior to you, friends and readers. I’m open to suggestions and new stuff, I’ve always been and I’ll always be. I just hope some of you can share my passions for the records I gather here.

Have a great week!