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Time goes so fast, it scares the shit out of me. It’s been 15 years already, since the shocking news telling Jeff Buckley had drowned while swimming fully dressed in the Wolf River Channel. Worst of all, his body was missing.

I clearly remember this, and how shocked I was, as if losing some close relative, my stomach had cramps, and I still thought he’d survive and would be alive. Such thing never happened and the Mississippi river kept his body hidden for six days, till he was finally found near a riverboat.

When he got drowned, he wasn’t alone. Many years ago, a friend acquainted with someone close to the artist, told me he was back stroking and singing at the same time. Reports said it was a tide caused by one of these steaming boats, which caused he lost control. After what I was told I found this tragedy somehow special and romantic. So sad!

The guy with the voice like an angel was gone, and we were mourning, but things went on beyond, and his loss became pure commercial business, exploiting all kind of unreleased recorded material or footage, to feed hysterical and starving fans, and help Mary Guibert to get wealthy, something she hadn’t been able to achieve with her former husband and father of her son, the legendary Tim Buckley.

I never accepted what I labeled as opportunism thus cut my interest for Buckley’s music legacy after his death. Grace is the only album I give full credit to, and it’s one of my favorite ones, despite the fact that I don’t listen to it very often because there’re too many emotions in it which affect me enormously and I always end up feeling terribly sad. Someday I will explain in depth what Grace means to me.

The track list including just ten treasures is enough to miss a genius, and mourn his sudden death every year.

Which would be the most suitable song for this post? The Last Goodbye would be very appropriate, and in fact this has been the chosen one this morning to remember Buckley, but right now I think of something different…

Oh, That was so real…

Nobody has made me thrill  the way  Jeff Buckley did, when he  whispered in my ear “I Love You” for the first time, [sigh]