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I’m a complete disaster following TV series nowadays. It took me less than a week to watch the first season of Breaking Bad, but got stuck in the 4th episode of the second, and I’m not focused enough to go on with it. Remember I wrote about Girls in a very enthusiastic way? Well, I haven’t finished the second season either. I devoured Game of Thrones seasons in one day and a half each, and my record was completing The Shield in barely 4 weeks. Series are the best choice if you wanna be entertained watching TV because chapters do not last more than one hour, keep you hooked to a plot, and the wide options available can cover any needs you have.

I’m not good at being seduced by the hype either. Haven’t watched Homeland nor Sherlock, eventually despised Lost and I don’t enjoy The Big Bang Theory. However I’m completely delighted by Donald Draper’s charm and I’m a huge Sopranos fan, although I must remark that I started following it when it started being broadcast here in Spain by a private channel and wasn’t very popular.

true detective

Anyway, all these explanations about my lack of enthusiasm for series is just an excuse to tell I’ve just finished the first episode of the next series hype, the new HBO’s product named True Detective, created by Nic Pizzolato, with Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson and directed by Cary Juji Fukunaga, especially great in everything related to rough landscapes and settings as you can check in Jane Eyre.

Opening episode was aired on January 12, and massive response was immediate, including friends and acquaintances recommending it enthusiastically.

The plot, the structure with the flashbacks, the dark tone and the main characters form a great combination hardly to resist at the moment. Lots of people agree McConaughey is not a very good actor, but as far as I can tell, he’s currently enjoying his big time. he shouldn’t be so much obsessed with botox though, or he’ll turn into Mickey Rourke reloaded. I like the Tax Man and Hart, and I’m sure as the plot develops these characters will gain weight, depth and interest.

But as I don’t want to spoil anything, I’m shutting my mouth, grabbing my hands and instead of summarizing what I’ve watched I’ll just share the official trailer with you.

Let’s see it True Detective manages to catch me. Feel free to share your impressions with me here, I’d love to know your expectations.

*** By the way, Am I the only one who thinks McConaughey resembles Scott Weiland (ex Stone Temple Pilots)?