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Oh shit! December already…AGAIN!

I can’t believe how fast time goes by lately. I always have the feeling I’m running out of time wasting it on shitty stuff, or suffering at work or sleeping too much. Nchst!

Change of weather is not helping much either, in fact I blame it for the flu I caught last week which has weakened me a little bit. I’m still a bit tired and low spirited. And now December. Cold and dark. Ugh!

The last month of the year has lots of pros, but awful cons, which you have to carry out as a burden and it’s impossible you can avoid them.


To start with, Xmas is the epicenter of most of our activity during this time.

On one hand, shopping. Not that I dislike making presents to beloved people, it’s just that I hate when this act becomes an obligation. A present for my mum is a real challenge (sorry but it’s the truth), as she’s got everything of everything and there are certain things,which are out of the picture. Our tastes are completely different and it’s hard for me. I want to give her something cool, but my concept of coolness is far from hers. Luckily, my dad is always willing to help and usually gives me a clue. With my brother and his wife I think it’s even worse. They always want clothes and I hate fashion and shopping clothes, plus it’s been clear through these last years that there’s no emotion or excitement in our presents. At least my dad and my nephew are closer to some sort of success, as I can easier identify cool presents for them. All this shopping issue wouldn’t be so stressful for me if I had more spare time to think and search, but December is usually a bad timing in my job, as the workload is huge, and all the holidays have a huge impact on the routine of the tasks I’m coordinating. Aaah! And all the stores are so packed…I really feel sorry for my parents when we were kids. It had to be a pain in the ass looking for the toys we wanted.


Even though it’s the month with more days off and this year I will enjoy 9 days straight without visiting my office, all these breaks contribute to some sort of chaos and variation at work, in my daily life and everything. When this happens I also fall into a crazy spiral which might last till January if I’m not careful.

The familiar events are a delicate subject. They can work out fine or can turn into a complete disaster, and it all depends on everybody’s mood. You know when you grow up it’s been said you’re you and your circumstances, which doesn’t mean that your circumstances match the others’, so you have to be careful not to cause any trouble, but it’s hard sometimes.

Same with business Xmas dinner. It might be fine or it can be a source of trouble and gossip. I think I’m lucky though, but my expectations regarding this event are not very big, as, considering these last months at the office, everybody is tired, burnt, and fed up, so I’m not sure what will be the general mood.

But stop being grumpy about this season. I’m gonna see my family and my friends at home, I also have some interesting plans ahead, and hopefully if I overcome this writer’s shitty block caused by too much stress at work and this feeling of being exhausted, there are lots of interesting posts to write about, including list of the best releases of the year, my personal highlights and some other crap I have in mind.

I’m very happy about having scheduled 3 dj’n sessions in December, two in Barcelona and one in my hometown to open Xmas fests once I start my vacation.

The first one is the most exciting because it’s something different to what I’m used to. This Saturday, the 7th, my session will take place at a cool tapas bar named Es Xibiu near The Hellhouse, at vermouth time. Yeah, at midday, in daylight. I think it’s terrific! It’s like people can have their beers and wine with their kids, and enjoy some rock at the same time, and the atmosphere is not a “filthy” night venue. This will give the chance to some of my friends who are already parents, to bring their kids and spend some time with me. The sound is not too loud, tapas are fantastic, and the vibe at the place is really cool. I’ve already attended a couple of these musical vermouths with Jaume, and we’ve had a blast.


Second one is in my hometown, at La Ley Seca, just the same day I arrive, as to open Xmas season. it was my best friend Diana who suggested I should talk to someone for arranging a session, as she enjoyed my birthday party lots, so I asked Patxi and he seemed thrilled with the idea. In fact he had said to me I could play music anytime I felt like. I think it will be cool, and a good chance to gather people, especially those like me living outside Zaragoza.

Finally the last session of the year will take at Hey! Ho! Bar, which is becoming a regular venue for me, last Saturday of 2013, the Fool’s day in Spain. I hope there are not many jokes. It will be a good training for New Year’s Eve.

There are also at least a couple of shows I’m attending, and hopefully some interesting plans will come up in the middle.

At the end of the day seems that it’s not gonna be such an awful month as I thought. We’ll see.

What are your plans for this loooong month?



Let’s s take a break from music for a while. I’m aware that my last posts have been related to albums, and perhaps you’re a bit saturated. Sorry if such is the case!

Xmas is coming, and even though I just have a 5-days break to visit my family and friends in my hometown, I’m being pretty busy for the next 2-3 weeks.

What about you? I’m sure many of you have a long Xmas break, and once the shopping spree is done and the presents wrapped, what are you gonna do?

I got an indecent proposal for those days you basically overfeeding and lying on the couch hardly digesting all you’ve been eating while watching the typical same boring movies.

I’ve recovered this Do-It-Yourself Posable I discovered many years ago on Google when looking for something I could apply what I had recently learned related to  Photoshop selection and transformation. David Hasselfhoff in his different roles, ready for you to start customizing your hero at your pleasure.


It you take a serious look, there are plenty of tiny details which make this paper toy awesome: the different main characters he’s been playing, the changeable smiles, the Knight Ryder leather jacket, the portable hairy chest… pretty good, although everybody has noticed the absence of the hamburgers, refreshing that image of the actor, trying to eat a burger, completely drunk lying down on the floor.

Today good ol’ Hasselhoff came to my mind and then I remembered this posable. while looking for a picture to keep it, I found another version of this posable, closer to God, thanks to The Pope.

diy pope

Now that he’s so popular thanks to his newTwitter account, @Pontifex, from which he’s been sending his message of peace and love, this posable could turn into one of the hottest souvenirs related to The Pope.

Don’t think I will have time enough to give them a try, but if you do, will you please send a me a photo of them? Ha!


Hi again from the train back to Barcelona.

Yeah! Xmas is over, and I’m heading back to reality. No so, actually, still some party remaining and some events to pass through, but at least, the proper Xmas family part is done, and we’ve managed to have a peaceful and funny one.

I had completely forgotten about the so called Xmas spirit long time ago. Family gathering is basically an obligation, especially when your family is a temperamental one, and arguments are floating in the atmosphere, waiting to occur. I love my family, but we’re very different from each other, plus I’m too independent as to endure chaos for long time.

My visit was initially marked by Friday night. As soon as I left luggage, said hello and had a drink with my parents, I went straight to Gonzalo’s, to pick him up and his girlfriend and go out. Chema and Juan were also waiting for me. We were all in party mood. And we did party!

Despite a considerable  hangover on Saturday, I joined my soul bro for late brunch and spent the afternoon together, just to reach home before Christmas’ Eve dinner. I wasn’t really up for it, but as soon as I got in I noticed something different.

 The main table included my nephew Eric’s stuff, his special glass and a big mug, and the baby high chair for joining us. Believe me, I felt so cheerful!

So here comes a little man, 8 months old, dressed in a Santa Claus pajamas, smiling and laughing, and all the trouble, the mean manners, past tension and bad mood, vanished all of a sudden. And everybody was happy, the family seemed closer, and finally, after many years of weird Christmas’ Eves, we got a pleasant and funny night. All gathered around little Eric, one of the cutest babies I’ve ever met. It was a blast!

Xmas spirit returns when there are kids around. It’s then when all decoration, theatrical stuff, trees, carols…. Make sense again. Can’t wait for the next year to come, when Eric will be almost two, and will be ready to enjoy this season to the max.

Thanks baby!


Damn! These days are being intense, although it’s not Xmas yet! Pretty scared of my physical status by January the 9th, when everything goes back to normal.

I’m just having the typical Xmas short break from this afternoon till Monday, and right now I’m writing at the train to my hometown, ultra packed, chaotic, close to a kindergarden as is plenty of kids, presents, noise…  God bless the headphones! I’m kinda isolated although my sit is by the corridor and people come and go constantly. This buzz is quite irritating, and I’m not a very complaining person, I swear.

Well, I sent you my star Wars Xmas postcard because I wasn’t that sure I could wish you happy holidays. Yes, I said holidays, not Xmas. I know many people hate Xmas. I respect it, but don’t believe in the Christian tradition and the hypocrisy implied.

In case I had to write a list with pros and cons, most likely the negative side would win, but at the end of the day, it’s an excuse as good as any to visit my family and have many drinks with my closest friends. Let’s say I’ve come into terms with these holidays.

Yesterday was my Last Minute Xmas Buying Spree, in the afternoon, and I’m proud to say I made a new mark in my timing. Despite I find really difficult to find the perfect thing for my ma, I really found something I consider very nice, and obligation aside, I thought of her when my eyes found it.

This takes me to the point of talking about making presents. I love making presents, not only for Xmas and birthdays, just because. Unfortunately my financial situation doesn’t allow me to develop this activity more, and I’m starting to think of giving more personal presents, with more emotional implication, if you know what I mean. I’m not as creative as other people, I’m terrible at drawing, but got some other abilities…

Obligation and consumerism are killing this passion. Presents should be given when you feel like, if you’re in the mood, presents look great, money aside, you put some of your love, but when you do it because OUGHT to, the receiver of the present notices such intention. At least I do, and I’m terrible at cheating, you will know for sure I hate that crap although I’m smiling. Same as if I buy obliged, my presents are those typical as to accomplish the duty and forget about the issue.

Surprise effect is the best, if you get to succeed. I’ve even cried, laughed and jumped completely delighted.

The present from my parents will not be a surprise this time, but it´s a great pleasure  to know they support my flashtrips and finally they understand my love for music as to do so. And I’m very happy our relationship is closer and funnier. Very glad!

What are your plans these days? Feeding like swine with family or friends? Traveling to Caribbean sea and forget about Xmas trees? Staying at home on your own watching movies? Are you thinking of making me a present? Aaah, you’re too kind, but it’s not necessary. If some of you wants to do something nice for me, just a beer will make it J

Going out tonight with my soul bro, you already know about him, and it’s gonna be one of these All or Nothing nights. What implies, no need to remark, guess you already know… yes, we love partying hard. Hope hangover is not a lethal one. We’ll see…